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April 19, 2010


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noe noe girl



Oh yeah? Well, try this one on for size:

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Is Eye Jeff related to Wyclef Jean or am I confusing subjects again?


p.s. I think Eye Jeff Jolly Yokel belongs on a T-shirt. Or a Blog Fest Banner. Just sayin'.


It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Thanks for the phonetics. I needed that. We all did.

boB Cleveland



I notithd, but I wazth too nithe to thay anything.  ; )

boB Cleveland

THEE? It made me LITHP!

boB Cleveland

If you really want to know how Icelanders pronounce it, you can learn it here: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/pronounce-eyjafjallajokull-10392613
I did, and frankly with I hadn't.

The Glamorous Life Association

Yeah I was watching the news with Jack and he goes "that is comedy. That looks like what happens when you are fake typing in typing class and you just put in any ol letter. (pause. stare) not that I would ever fake type. Forget it. I am moving to Iceland."

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