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March 02, 2010


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Suz Broughton


big hair envy

On the radio this morning, they played a recording of two turtles, um, gettin' busy. I'm pretty sure their pulse rates had to be measured on the Richter Scale.

Audubon Ron

I never was any good at IQ tests. My heart rate is usually at the barley alive rate.


Your heart rate was too slow to register this, but the couple in the first photo (the overalls) are BROTHER AND SISTER.

I am not making that up.

The Not Quite Writer

Holy guacamole, sister! What's with the redneck ice dancers in the first photo? For a moment there, I thought Foolery had gone porno!

This was brilliant and funny, as usual.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

At least one of those pictures was taken at a West Virginia family reunion.


You are even goofier'n ME, boB!

boB Cleveland

One seems to involve kissing, which I don't recall seeing in the Winter Olympics (well other than that one particular 2-man luge run), and another seems to show that new event "Pairs Forniskating".

And I'm not sure I see that last girl skater's left hand, but judging by the guy's expression, I think I know where it is.

boB Cleveland

I dearly LOOOOVE moose!


Especially with a hint of garlic and some nice fava beans.

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