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March 03, 2010


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The Glamorous Life Association

Pretty sure she meant PHAT GIRL. I mean you can't expect a little kid to get the spelling nuances of street lingo can you?

Love it.

Audubon Ron

It could be something as serious as body dysmorphic disorder or it could be Freudian anal retentive attention to detail or it could be the subconscious mind expression of “I love this kitty so much it makes me want to shit” or it could be Nostradamus 2012 predictions that the world is coming to an end and we’re all going to die or maybe even the soda at Taco Bell makes her poop, it makes me poop. Let me know how these diagnoses go for you, I think I can whip out five or six more.

Ann Marie

I don't know about body issues or being rude or whatever.. I know I snorted when I laughed at it.. ok I have the humor level of a 9 year old boy when it comes to potty humor.


I just think you are all hilarious.

By the way, if you can prove the provenance of this, you need to notify The Bloggess. She is having a battle with Morgan Freeman over who had a cat on their head first. And YOU win.


Audrey at Barking Mad

I'm gonna side with CBW on this one. I think you've got a little Picasso, errr,um, Picassa, on your hands...one with a hell of a sense of humor at that!

Rick's Cafe

Ah, the start of fart jokes....a sign of a true genius.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Neither-it's a wonderfully genius, just barely rude, collective sense of humor under your roof. Genius, I tell you. She's a genius.


Um... Fat Girl isn't very fat. Is it okay if I think this is hysterical without pondering body issues or scatalogical humor...? Cuz I do.

OT: I loved your comment on Auds' latest post but I'm not brave enough to totally out myself as a nonbeliever on the world wide web (some of the kids' fundi schoolmate moms found my blog and that's made life hard enough.)

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