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February 24, 2010


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Oh no! Cliffhanger!! You tease, you!

boB Cleveland


Most guys eventually find that out.


@boB, I think the Discovery Channel would take a pass but the National Geographic Channel might start a dig in our living room. It could happen.

@Audubon Ron, YOU LIE. ; )

@boB, Hiney Wine sounds too expensive for us.

@Ann Marie and BHE, I don't have any photos done for my Thursday post. I may have to add feathers. And a tiara.

@CBW, I'll get on that. We'd all be sicker'n dogs, I think, however.

Thanks for reading everybody -- I'll post Part II tonight!

-- Laurie

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Chas has a pretty darn funny partner, and I sure do hope she orders a case of that chocolate cabernet for Wine Fest--I mean Blog Fest.

big hair envy

Will Chas be wearing the tiara in tomorrow's photos? Will there be feathers?

Ann Marie

hahahahah I got to see how this ends!

Bob Cleveland

As in:


Bob Cleveland

Somehow I think the Hiney Wine Company may be mentioned before this thing is over.

Audubon Ron

Don't ask me, I know nothing!

Bob Cleveland

I'm thinking Discovery HD Theater might be all about this. Do you have room for 7 or 8 HD cameras and guys in your house?

I could envision seven, maybe eight weeks of this.

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