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September 14, 2009


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I really really REALLY want to go to that crazy lady's house.

Pretty birdies!!

Kathi D

Well, you know the theory is that he'll never die as long as he is adding to the house. And by the way, I have room for a man like him here at the farm.


Omigosh Marcy, I never thought of her angle -- WOW! She wasn't crazy, she was SHREWD!

Gubby, I'll make him practice "Ich bin ein Berliner" every day ("I am a jelly doughnut").

CBW, is Virginia a site option when being committed? This explains so much! ; )

Grandma J, YES, it is a solar panel -- good eye! We had solar roof panels 25-30 years ago. God only knows why he still has them, but they make perfect (ugly) movable shades for his various aviaries (three and counting, when you include the two in our yard).

Kyddryn, if you scare your chickens with BBQ, they'll withhold their eggs and get reeeeeally fat. I just made that up but it seems logical.

MPM, I have a perfectly normal and smart and rational and sane mother, but my particular genes were scooped more generously from my Dad's gene pool. This is but one example.

Daryl, Dad doesn't know from NetFlix, but he's a master of satellite TV management. I won't hold my breath.

Audrey, if you put corn on the keyboard the chickens will definitely blog about it. Hell, if you put corn on the keyboard *I* would blog about it.

Thanks for reading, everybody!

-- Laurie

Audrey at Barking Mad

So when does the high speed internet access go in? Because ya know, they're gonna want to blog about all this. I bet those chickens will hen-peck the keyboard.


Too funny ... will he get them a NetFlix account so they can rent Chicken Run? I hear Mel is big with the hens

Mental P Mama

Suddenly, a lot of stuff becomes very clear to me;)


Never mind the fireplace - he should install a rotisserie!

Oh, wait...or would that just be wrong??

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (whose chickens, if she had any, would be lucky to have an old cardboard box next to a mud puddle)

grandma j

Having visited the Winchester House, I've decided to by-pass it on my next trek up north and check out the Birdman's compound. Not to be confused with Alcatraz.

Is that a solar panel?

Chesapeake Bay Woman


Not that I am hoping for this. Or anything.

But if--IF--Mother Foolery decides to have Dr. Foolittle committed?

Please send him to Virginia.

His soul mate, aka Chesapeake Bay Mother, creator of goose traps and duck tents, believer that nobody understands her love of animals as she does....awaits.

This is my second favorite Foolery of all time, after my new father's ill-planned cowherding incident where you were wearing heels.

Gubby aka ijefff

So what you are saying is that your dad has built birdhouse with a cinder-block wall running through the middle - much like Berlin?


The Glamorous Life Association

Now I have a very clear visual of chickens sitting around watching a flat screen TV and all shrieking in horror when the Foster Farm commercials come on...

Funny too. One of my favorite places? Winchester house. I totally get that old lady. Her husband died and she wanted to spend the rest of her days (and all of his money) watching sweaty contruction workers. MAKES perfect SENSE.


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