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August 06, 2009


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big hair envy

Excellent choice! However, Janice is MUCH prettier:)


Perfection in casting!


Works for me AND since she lends her name to a sexy line of lingerer maybe she can bring us all some .. umm .. samples


I have to tell you that I am LOVING this little series because in my mind, CBW, for example, looked absolutely NOTHING like this. It's so fabulous to have a face to put with a name. And Elle is a perfect choice for her, it seems.


Waidaminnit, wasn't Janice wearing Elle's hat at Bud's beach??

Perfect choice.

noe noe girl

Did I mention how good you are at this???

Audrey at Barking Mad!

Absolutely perfect! Although CBW's smiles outdoes Elle by a mile.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You're too kind...Elle will need to stick her finger in an electrical socket to attain the hormone-induced frizz of my hair, and speaking of hair she'll have to grow several patches of it on her chin, cheeks and upper lip to achieve a more realistic resemblance. She will also need to learn how to burp, very loudly.

Can't wait to see the rest of the cast.

p.s. How DID Elle get my hat?



Bob Cleveland

Yup. She's pretty, for a girl.


Perfect choice.

noe noe girl

Great choice! How did Elle get Janice's hat??

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