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July 24, 2009


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big hair envy

**sigh** I'd much rather be there today than here at my desk...slaving away!!

Miss you!


Right there with you on the crush thingy.


You goin' back???

Me too!

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

Shoot....now you'll be poking around all the hiding spots where I stalk from. Hmmm...I suspose that could be fun too :)


Fellow VA Stalker: *Sigh*; such an elusive mistress is she; so close on GoogleMaps yet so damn far. Lovely post!

Mental P Mama

It certainly cast a spell on all of us....


Oh, I wish I could have been there...sigh...maybe next time. It's nice when many of the bloggers one adores (and maybe stalks just a little) are in one place...makes fawning over them that much easier...

Shade and Sweetwater,


Now you have gone and made this Californian love it too.

You're gonna be in big trouble.


Beautiful! I'm glad you had such an amazing visit.

Now I expect to hear about all of the sordid details of Blogfest.


LOVE the juxtaposition (I be edumahcated too!) of Meg/Janice and the sharks, okay, porpoise pod is perfect...


So beautifully said..good on you..a worthy tribute to cbw and her work and family and Mathews county.

Cactus Petunia

Sounds like y'all had loads of fun! Next year, how about a west coast fest?

Audrey at Barking Mad!

No words...just memories.

noe noe girl



Nice post! This is how I feel about Eastern NC.

Suzanne Broughton

If you were really a stalker these photos would be more grainy and show Mathews County putting groceries in the car and taking a shower or something?

grandma j

Great post that reflects the sentiments of so many. What memories!

noe noe girl

I am at a total loss for words(no really!)

Ok I found one- WOW!


I'm just sighing here in Maryland, looking at the last photo of me and CBW, our butts in the bay, all a-smile.

What a lover-ly recap.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You're the best.


I can't even say anything. I'm all choked up.


You are so correct...it is a love affair with an area so wonderful as this.

Awesome post and worded perfectly. Virginia can not wait to have you back!!!

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