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May 12, 2009


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Suz broughton

I think if they really, really like it, then they do, but if they just really do, then they don't. Yeah, now I'm kinda jonesing for a Pop Tart.

Rick's Cafe

Cowboys ALWAYS take their hats off when they are around a lady.

So it's no wonder that Cactus Petunia has never see a hatted cowboy inside. :)


I think, if they REALLY REALLY like being cowboys they probably sleep with their spurs on. And in that case, they're probably single.

But hell, what do I know? Maybe the wives/S-O's like that kind of thing.

OK I'll be quiet now.

Da Goddess

Hope the ol' tailbone behaves soon.

As for cowboys, Cactus Petunia's right.

Also, whatever or whoever is under a cowboy's hat? His.


Your tail bone moves?

Don't know about the cowboys, but I do know that little boys are love being pirates do wear their pirate stuff to bed. The weapons stuff gets a little dicey to sleep with though.

Mental P Mama

What happened to your tail bone?

Bob Cleveland

I really believe that, were I a cowboy, I'd be more concerned about the spurs.

Uhh .. the wife probably would be, too.

Cactus Petunia

Tell Sparky that cowboys ALWAYS take off their hats when they go to bed. Unless they sleep with the lights on, and then they use 'em to cover their eyes.

Lizbeth Blizken

Hi Swims, I had to cruise over and see what you had to say. Even when you can't think of anything, it's still interesting.
Now I'm stuck wondering if cowboys that are really into being cowboys do wear their hat to bed. I'm betting yes. Now I have Lyle Lovett stuck in my head. Whoa baby. That cowboy pictured above has one fine mustache.

Kathi D

I am beat too, and I don't even have your excellent list of reasons.

blissfully caffeinated

I think they do, but only when they have company. ;)

Rick's Cafe

So Sparky watched 'Smokey & The Bandit'. A girl's got to learn about cowboy hats sometime.:)
(good luck mom!)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Actually, with all those symptoms, I think you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ruth and your primary care physician too. Sounds like a prescription is in order.


You make naval fuzz seem appealing.

Gubby aka ijefff

"In between bouts with inflamed skin, a tail bone on the move, and all-night animal games (cats, dogs, owls, coyotes, whatever), I am shot."

Sounds like you need to call Dr Drew. :-)

You want me to put in a good word for you?

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