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May 31, 2009


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Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.


From what I remember of cows,(childhood in Walla Walla Wa ) I would much rather confront them from the back of a horse. I always hated having to get too close to them. They are BIG and brainless. The 'Brainless' part of it is both the curse and the blessing. lol Glad you came out OK. Great Blog!!


Are you EVEN FOR REAL?!?!?

I am so subscribing......

Classic humor.

Auds at Barking Mad

Wow, who knew that goats made such awesome blog fodder?

Just another one of the many reasons why farm animals terrify me!!!!!!

Franca Bollo

Oh, please tell me the goat's okay. Poor little guy.

And you are a braver woman than I.


I liked you before, but I LOVE you now! You are just a big old mush ball for helping that little goat out. I bow at your feet - you are awesome!!


Cactus Petunia

I once made the mistake of thinking that if I raised my arms and roared like a bear as I charged forward that my neighbor's German Shepherd would drop my cat and not kill him.
It worked.
He dropped the cat and bit me instead.

Those cows sound a lot scarier.


good lesson Swams. I know. Cows are dumb. Wonder why they will just bellow a MOO for no reason? Cause they're dumb? You have a heart of gold to rescue the little goat, but I already knew that.
Love ya,



You are brave! PO'd mama cows are scarier than bulls, in my estimation!

Yay Foolery! I hope the little guy makes it (and never comes calling again -- because goats will eat your flowers and climb on your cars, oh yes they will!)


an admiring
Anonymous Mathew Native
(and fellow recovering cow herder)

Caution Flag

I think you have enough blogging fodder with that experience to last through the month. What a good daughter you are!!


I think upon witnessing a cow in heat and an interested bull I would have said "The hell with that baby goat I am out of here."
You win all the big prizes for this feat of bravery and determination.

Gubby aka ijefff

Didn't you Dad's play-cows read Hillary Clinton's book "It takes a Herd"?

Mantel Man

Grandpa "goes to lunch" ?

Grandpa has friends ?!!


My mother, for reasons completely inexplicable, purchased or accepted as a gift (HA! some gift) a goat pelt with long very soft pure white hair (fur?) when I was in high school. She thought it was beautiful. Which it was, as long as you were a person with no olfactory powers whatsoever. She hung it on the wall. Our entire hallway smelled like wet goat forever and ever afterwards. The End.

I hope you can get your clothes clean, but I do reccommend that if you can't, you just throw them out rather than rewashing -- because that goat smell might just infect every other stick of clothing in your washer.

But what you did was very nice for the poor goatie.


Let's hear it for Farm Chicks! I have a thing about cattle too - for a short time, we had steers, and they kept escaping the fences. One year, we had to cancel our annual vacation week at the beach because my parents feared the critters'd escape.

I have two final words for you. CALLER. ID. And also, one platitute: IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

Still, it all makes for good bloggin'!


OR, you could have done what my dad would have done. You could have butchered it there on the spot and had goatloaf for dinner.

I know way more about goats than I care to.

You rocked with this one!

And that is why I am NEVER going to answer my phone on a Saturday morning again. Or ever.

Kathi D

Wow! I had no idea cows could be so aggressive! I will show them more respect. They look so benign, standing around chewing on grass all the time. Seething rage within.

You are a Good Person.


So not only do I get visuals from your blog posts but I can smell them too. ;)

And I'd also like to say...I wish I was living in the country again.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You and my mother will get along famously. YOur perseverance is remarkable.

I hope the little guy is okay, but if he isn't you can say you gave it your all and then some.

Stupid cows.

The Glamorous Life Association

Lets review what I learned:

*all farm animals do not get along like in Charolettes Web. Who knew?

*I am jealous of even a bad call from a dad in the morning since mine is gone (as in dead)

* You are kick ass BRAVE.

* I must send you about a dozen throw away cameras. To be placed in the pockets of your jackets, your dads truck, your boots even so these things can be SEEN. I want photos of all of it! Well, except your talent girls PEEING.

* You are the damn farm chick I wanna be when I grow up.

JD at I Do Things

Oh, that poor little goat. Good for you, roaring like a lion despite your wet feet and need to pee.

Where do you live? Nothing like this EVER happens where I live. (Stupid town)

Mental P Mama

Lord. Have. Mercy.

Rick's Cafe

I love the smell of wet goat in the morning....at least in the movies! It's probably why they don't allow goats in the suburbs.

...so dad's birthday gift wasn't as welcomed as he thought it would be - I'll learn from his lesson.

Bob Cleveland

man o man am i EVER glad i live in the city.

with such creativity in telling a story about a stupid goat, you ought to be working in an advertising agency.

oh, wait.

maybe you should be working for the feddle gummint, writing campaign promises. maybe you could make stimulus packages smell like old goats.

oh, wait.

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