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April 23, 2009


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Holy Crap.

MP has some of that zebra trash at her school. Even sadder than a mobile, they're in an aquarium. I got no word for that.


Erm. Short of a Nor'Easter, or, you know, a hurricane, I feel safe in saying it's not likely we'll experience breeziness such as that on the Bay in July. At least I hope not; strong wind freaks me out, man.


I think your Mighty Wind blew it's way east and assaulted our homestead this past weekend. Nothing major. No finches were harmed.

The Glamorous Life Association

Its how you throw out information like 'my dad's zebra finch house' with out even realizing the comedy in just that sentence alone. You are aware that to most of us...that you practically live on a ZOO right? And this time I am not talking about your children.

Cats, Cows, frickin trashy zebra finch....what is next? You guys wouldn't be in the market for any SWINE would you? Cuz I know where you can get one CHEAP.

Da Goddess

The wind has been really weird lately, hasn't it?

As for your title, thanks for making me sing "a mighty wind is blowin' cross the land and cross the sea, a mighty wind is blowin'...blowin' you and me"

Suz broughton

I wish I knew your dad raised zebra finches. I had two, that turned to four, that turned to six....I could have "sent them way" to a more respectable place.


I find wind SO irritating. Even when it doesn't rip my roof off.


Whoa! I knew it was windy here last week, but didn't realize how windy. We must be leading a sheltered life here on our little corner of the Planet Orland...

It looks like it picked it up (the roof) and folded it over the other side, right?

Caution Flag

Okay, I'll admit that I thought a zebra finch was a plant.


Yikes. I was sitting here the other night, online (as per), and I heard a terrific crash -- the wind blew over our gas grill. It sounded like the furnace blew up.



Bob Cleveland

Actually the whole thing looks a lot like this mega-modern summer home in a western PA resort, built across the street from my mom & dad's A-Frame, by a family of Italian Bakers. They had a neat Bocce Court there that we used to play on.

We have a lot of windiness here most mornings, but it's not the sort with which the weatherman concerns himself.

Except sometimes on those blooper shows.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm not so sure it isn't the wind, as opposed to the golf, that's trying to kill you--and the zebra finches.

Next time, just click your heels three times and say there's no place like home. That's supposed to make things better.

What the hay is a zebra finch? Sounds like an exotic disease to me.

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