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January 23, 2009


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Inger Muzikmeister

Dear Swams,
I sure wish that I could help with the blues. I hope that you're feeling much better now. Some station just showed Michael Phelps on the news hitting a bong. He's got the swimmin blues, Swams. Look at it this way: At least we're not hitting the bong and swimming laps in this cold weather
Love and Big Hugs,
Inger Liz

Suz Broughton

F-I have this same problem about 2 times a year where...I can't get my housework done. No, I can't write a thing. Everything seems like crap and I can't even finish THAT.
You know I think you are brilliant and talented and awesome in a non-California awesome way.
I'm glad (since I'm going backward) that you have snapped out of it. It's what happens to every creative person from time to time.

Mental P Mama

You cannot appreciate the highs without the funky lows. Trust.


Funks are an interesting animal. Been there recently myself. Just have to wait it out.



Maybe it's that seasonal thingy that people get, where they feel blue until there are more hours of daylight? This time of year, I hinge on every precious extra minute of it in the evening.

This too shall pass, miss Foolery. This too shall pass.

Charlie Hills

I've got two words for you: "Cheez" and "Its".

Bob Cleveland

You think YOU got problems? Last night I woke up to find our waterbed had sprung a leak.

But then I remembered .... we don't HAVE a waterbed.


Rick's 'jazz' Cafe

...can one 'play the blues' in gangsta rap?

Just wondering.


Feel better!! Piss and vinegar and all that jazz!

Besides if I told you about my dog dying, that wouldn't be helpful at all right?


Seriously, dog died years ago, so I'm okay. :)


Sorry to hear you have the blues. I can sympathize with the collective bad news thing, though. I felt that over the holidays. It seemed that whomever I ran into had a tragic story to tell. I wanted someone to have some joy somewhere. Here's to red, yellow and orange days ahead.

Rick's Cafe

Good thing we're in the "Era of Hope", otherwise I'd be tempted to start remembering days when I was little and absolutly knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was something alive in my closet. Couldn't sleep for days with being scared and worried.

At that age reason and logic didn't matter, so eventually did the only thing I could do that made any sense at the time. A cousin & I 'camped out' in the closet.

Ya know that slap you give yourself on the forehead when you know you should have done something different, but it's too late. It just about knocked me out the day Monsters Inc. came out.

.... I cudda bin a cuntendar....

My casting recommendations would have been substantially different, but what's a 6 year old know about making movies.

The Glamorous Life

I have no idea what bad news you are talking about but I can relate. And it is so friggin selfish I hate to type it. But the dang economy- has me tettering on the edge of my old friend DEPRESSION. I just can't take all the businesses closing, the houses up for sale and the unstability of even my husbands job. I am on edge. I need some good news and I need it now.
I have stopped watching the news and that has helped....but honestly...this is a crappy time.

Oh I hope you didn't expect me to actually CHEER YOU UP did you? Cuz I sorta failed on that mission.

A visit to So Cal might be just what you need. Kids included. I hear Disney calling your name....


Big Hair Envy

At least you have Virginia in the summertime to look forward to......:)


I get it. I think we all have. So...I'll just be sitting here in the chair, waiting patiently, and fondly.

Cactus Petunia

The funk is pretty deep up here to the north, too...I was so depressed last night that I drank way more wine than I should have, popped up some popcorn with REAL BUTTER on it, and hunkered down with Dave in front of the TV. And watched Duck Soup.
So, Dr. Petunia prescribes that you get drunk and have a night out with Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo.
It does a body good!


...Lordy girl you are in a funk... All this talk of "Pollyanna-ish optimism" and "cast a pall over my exuberance..." and then scroll down and seeing your Facebook photo over there...geez, now I'm depressed...*sigh* ;o)

...Not really, but I'm sorry to hear that you're down. It'll pass like all things do - keep your chin up and your wine glass always half full and your lil' Ship o' Blues up there will be upright once again... Promise. :o)

...Blessings to you...

Kathi D

Sometimes I think funks are worse than misery.

Anyway, snap out of it. Pull up your bootstraps. Whistle a happy tune.

There, see? All better.

Rick's Cafe

I've had writer's block for years now....long enough that I'm convinced I was never a writer and only day-dreamed it.

Or is it the other way around...that I really have never been a writer and have only day dreamed about being one??

...I think that song playing in the background is 'Happy Sax'....combined with the soundtrack from Twilight Zone.


Hey sugar, no worries - sometimes life just gets a bit off-kilter.

Shade and Sweetwater,


I'm right there with you Laurie! Yesterday I started four posts before I finally completed one and that didn't happen until 9:30pm. Now I have these other three in various stages of completion. I'm not sure they will ever see the light of day. Concentration is definitely eluding me these days.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You're most certainly not alone, that's for sure. I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but I think you've already done some of the things I'd suggest...namely to go somewhere, get out of the house/office, do something different. But I seem to recall last weekend you took the kids to a lake which seemed like a nice distraction. If that didn't work, I'm all out. I think we just have to keep our heads down, plow ahead and have faith that one way or the other things will improve.

Or, just watch some Benny Hill with a jug of wine.


I have been there, too many times to count.

Take care and take time.

Have a relaxing weekend. :)


Oh, Dearest Foolery, I've been there.

You take care of YOURSELF, and don't worry about Bloggywood. We're here for you through all those bumps in the road.

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