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November 13, 2008


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LOL, that was funny. Dont you hate it when strippers? do that to your husbands friends or your husband? I always thought it a bit rude, especially if limbs are crushed. But, Im from the old school.


So very funny! I almost peed my pants : ). I had a best friend in collge, Reid Sifford, and he was DYING for a volkswagon van like that! Seriously dying!

Rick's Cafe

If the dictator deleted Pancake Butts comments, then its probably a good thing I didnt go any further with my little story/rewrite.

But if Kathi D would like a private and personal story read just to her ..........:)

Pancake Butt



Oh man. I love Mexico. I love the Baja Peninsula. I love Pacifico. I love my VW camper. IN Baja, drinking Pacificos. I can smell the ocean.....

Kathi D

I am not brave enough to ask Rick to tell his stories.

I salute you.

Rick's Cafe

Like most classic literature Chass story would be more interesting if told in its native language. Translation into girl/wife always looses subtle nuances of a guy story.

In its native language, Id guess the story may sound a little like:

Even though I have read and enjoyed your letters for many years, I always thought they were made up. It just seemed too much of a stretch to believe that they are true, real-life tales. All this has changed after my recent trip to Mexico. It all started when my buddies and I decided to take our VW van to....

But then literature, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Chas is my new hero. He became this when he declared cilantro a vegetable.

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