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November 05, 2008


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Croup is definitely crap. That is how all three of my boys get sick - croup first, then straight into their lungs. GAH.

Cactus Petunia

Sheesh. The price of freedom aint gettin any cheaper, I tell ya.

And by the way, Im impressed you can actually WALK in 3 inch heels, let alone climb haystacks!


MP was glad Roback won too. Four must be easier -- she was satisfied with a sticker. ;)


Man, Bob, I wish I could have traded with you. I have a feeling that particular activity would have gone better for me? And don't put yourself down; I'll bet your look GRAND in heels. Cheers to you my friend.

Tammy, I didn't have time to go home and change shoes -- there was that little daylight left. Flashlights don't help much on a haystack, either, and I'm not sure where one is after our move!

CBW, if Chas is ANYWHERE around when I'm on a haystack I promise you I WON'T be in heels. This happens only when I'm by myself and in a huge hurry. :)

Rick, a job at UPS is not an easy thing to get around here. Wages and benefits being what they are, UPS and phone company jobs are the GOOD ones. Welcome to sunny rural California.

Thanks for reading everybody!

-- Laurie

Bob Cleveland

Yeh Wednesday was a honker for all of us I guess but I had a CAT scan for the markup preparatory to my radiation treatments which start next week and the two previous times I'd had a catheter shall we say inserted was whilst under anesthesia but NOOOoooo not yesterday.

I'd have traded spots withya Laurie but I look just awful in heels.


Um, why were you wearing 3" heels?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I had your Tuesday on Wednesday and I'm convinced the Earth now has two moons and they both are full.

Could you get Chas to snap a quick pic the next time you're teetering on a bale of hay in your work clothes?

Rick's Cafe

Are you really sure you're not Jane Wyatt stuck in a sitcom?

I was going to offer suggestions to make your life easier, but if you're insisting on doing chores wearing heels and probably a dress....with peals, there is only one thing for a man like me to do.

I've applied to the local UPS store and will soon be making deliveries in your area :)

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