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November 20, 2008


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Suz broughton

For heaven's sake, now I HAVE to try this and I really don't want to but you have made it the standard.


These sound delicious to the max : ). And this is ABSOLUTELY a special recipe that noone has ever heard of before! Don't even worry about that for a second!


You have my utmost respect ma'am. but I will continue buying frozen Walmart brand pancakes for those who want them around here (just my son eats them so...).

WOW but that is a lot of work for a pan fried cake!



OHMYGOD THAT IS SO MUCH WORK. I needed a McDonald's Sausage McGriddle just to get through that recipe.


I actually hate pancakes. Well, usually. About once a year I feel like I might want one or two. But the rest of the time? They make me want to gag.

But yours? I'm sure they'd make me a new man.

Cactus Petunia

Mmmfph. Mmmm. Yum!


oh jesus. I LOVE me some pancakes. My ass doesn't love it, but I do.

yum. yum.


Is it bad that I microwaved the squirrel and tossed the butter out?
Just asking.

andrea charroin

I am with you, gotta make your own pancake batter! I like to add sour cream to my batter too!

Bob Cleveland

Y'all DO know about milf, I hope.

I hope.

Rick's Cafe

One could get filfy playing around with flour and buttermilf :)


Oh my hell. Real butter? Yummy creamy REAL butter? I can't wrap my brain around that. The envy is in the way.


Really? All this? For pancakes? May I please have a glass of mediocre wine instead? ;)


Gotta have the buttermilk. That is key. And we are pancake gluttons in our family. I better triple that recipe.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

This illness you wish not to acknowledge...is it related to the buttermilf?

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