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October 12, 2008


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Oh the porch couch! There is something so warm and cozy about a porch couch. It goes so well with my giant satellite dish.

Gubby aka ijefff

More videos of the riot on 10/11/2008. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chico+riot&search_type=&aq=f
I haven't been able to pick out Laurie in the crowd - speak up if you do...kind of like Where's Waldo.

My guess is that Laurie is still cruising the streets of Chico with a plate of cookies, looking for Dr Drew . :-)


Hmm, I never went to a college like that. I mean, as a student. I did attend a couple of big campus parties in my day, though, and not one of them including couch burning or anything more than a bunch of stupid drunks. Oh, there was the guy who peed on my feet, but that was in the shower and... uh...never mind.


I'm sorry, I couldn't read anything past the photo of Alan Hunter. I loved him and that gorgeous blonde hair. The first words ever spoken on MTV: "And I'm Alan Hunter. Let's get to it."

In fact, I loved ALL the original VeeJays, even that weirdo Nina Blackwood, despite the fact that she really scared me.

I know this wasn't the point but what can I say, I'm very easily distracted.

Loved the whole post, though.


CBW - I thought the big party school was WVU? Or Miami? Or "Zoo-Mass"? I know we did our fair share at Dickinson... nothing else to do in the corn fields of south-central PA but drink. Or at least that's what they told me.

I'm thinking that our Foolery was playing coy when she commented on my Coyote Ugly post. I bet she did more than her share of bar dancin' back in the Chico Days.

Alias Liz Jones

Yeah! That looks like a riot! You've spurred me to action. I'm going to grab a butane and rid this town of porch couches. Who needs them!! Oh, and the photos of Pioneer days were good. Swims, my fave was the large trout or bass? We dig catfish here. I'm tired of them.

Bob Cleveland

Makes me glad I flunked out of college my Freshman year.

Oh ... so you're old? I got socks older than you, lady. I was undoubtedly older in 1986 , than you are, NOW.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I always thought UVA was the #1 partying school in the 80's, at least that's what they told us. Although now that I think of it, "they" was not Playboy, it was probably Fox Hunter's Quarterly, or Golfer's Digest.

There's something wrong with a couch on the porch? What about a gurney stolen from the med school and used to hold up your 12-inch TV?

Not that I know anything about any of that. At all.

Suz @ aliVe in wonnderland

Burn couches? I went to San Francisco State and we would built shanty towns.

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