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August 11, 2008


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A few notes . . .

Auds an Mental P Mama, I love that photo, too. It's the second time I've used it, because the first time I thought the girl was Mormor's sister Eileen. Oops.

CBW, there are still a lot of things Humboldt County doesn't have, but I THINK they have 911.

Sarah, I think your elder son is too sweet-natured to ever get into trouble. Your little one looks like a catfood-eating charmer that you'd better keep your eye on!

Wreke, no eels in the Eel River. Not as far as you know.

Suz, just to clarify, the words are entirely Mormor's. I just provide a few in-between words.

San Diego Momma, Elmer Fulwider is the real name, and it appears at least twice in Mormor's writings. And Old Man Holmgren was my great-grandfather -- Mormor's father.

My favorite part of these stories is how Mormor thinks like a child, even when she wrote this in her 70s or 80s. You can see that she still took glee in getting away with stuff -- and she was relating these stories to her impressionable grandchildren, too. :)

Thanks for reading, everybody!


San Diego Momma

Elmer Fulwider and Old Man Holmgren?

Are these real names?


They are?

I am now 100% addicted to the Mormor Stories.


I love these stories.
You tell them so well.
They have the feeling of a screenplay. I would cast a young Timothy Hutton and a young Elizabeth McGovern.


I love the photo of Mormor and Art.

After reading this I realized this must be the stuff youth is made off...as eldest came home and told me off jumping off of rocks and into the water at the quarry. I just about had a heartastroke! But then I read the second Mormor story and went ahead and had my heartastroke!


amazing stories. jut makes me wonder when my kids will do some insane, life-threatening activity and wait to tell me about it until i'm, uh, i dunno. heavily medicated at the home perhaps?

btw, are there eels in the eel river?

Ok, Where Was I?

That second one is so scary--to think what kids do and don't tell. Even though I threw snowballs at a cop car and he stopped and yelled at me and my brothers and we didn't tell our parents until we were adults, I still like to think that these secret activities will play no part in my boys' lives. Yep, I'm pretty big into denial when it comes to parenting.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

They certainly led eventful lives. Imagine how lucky her brother was to have "come to" as I am sure there were no 911 services in Humbold County at the time.

I once dove into shallow surf in Virginia Beach as a stupid, beer-drinking teenager. Beer and surf do not mix, fyi. My head mixed quite nicely with the sandy bottom, however, and I had a nice scar on my forehead for months afterwards. It could have been worse....lucky my vertebrae are still intact.

Mental P Mama

That photograph of Mormor and Art is exquisite. I love these stories, and am glad she made it to talk about it!

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