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August 08, 2008


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Mantel Man

Great book recommendation!

The local library had Martin's book on audio CD, and I'm almost done with it.

For those in the studio audience, Foolery and I had memorized the silly song that Steve said he learned from his grandma:

"Be courteous, kind, and forgiving,
Be gentle and peaceful eache day..."

But I never knew there were additional verses!

HO LEE COW. No wonder my life seemed so empty until now.

Ladies only: "Never make love to Bigfoot..."
Men only: "Hello, my name is Bigfoot..."


So, I was leaving a comment to tell you that I totally just SJ'd Marcy... and then I saw her comment. CRAP, she already figured it out! Oh well, it totally made me snicker anyway.

Mwah ha ha ha- I love the way your foul mind works! (wringing hands and twisting moustache) (if I had a moustache)... nik


can we TP someone next? and then all pile into a car and see "rocky horror"?

(probably giving TMI about how i spent high school there.)

seriously, this was fun, and i got to "discover" a new-to-me blog that's so much fun :-)


I LOVE the Slim Jim idea - totally brill.

I just got the Steve Martin book in the mail as my Quality Paperback Book Club's monthly selection. WAS considering sending it back, but you've CONVINCED me to keep it. I skimmed a few pages and it DOES look funny.

Tanks L. :)

Kathi D

Good idea!

I will try not to embarrass you. Here I go.


:) I Slim Jimmed...what a funny idea :)

Big Hair Envy

Heading over there now...

This is such a cool idea :)


Hey, y'all are AWESOME. This was more fun than I thought. I can see this becoming a semi-regular thing. Thanks for playing, and anyone who hasn't yet left a Slim Jim comment at Marcy's, go for it! This could be HUGE.

-- Laurie :)


Everyone took all the "cool" Slim Jim references. Lucky me though, I'm fresh off a Steve Martin high from watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels a few nights ago!


Hey great idea.

I loves me some Steve Martin.



Shade and Sweetwater,

Ok, Where Was I?

I so thought we were going to have to go somewhere and do balloon animals. I was getting nervous. Slim Jim I can do. And can I say, what a brilliant idea.

BTW: that comment about the baby needing a diet made me snort. I called him my Maury Povich baby.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

This is the nicest and craziest thing that has ever been done TO me. Apparently your readers are loving this idea...they have totally slim jim'd me all morning! I am smiling from ear to ear. Not to mention the whole thing started with my IDOL and CRUSH-Mr. Martin!!!! Thanks Foolery..

Mental P Mama

Done. That was fun!


heh. will do!

in other news, you've been awarded something on my blog today. i am not sure what it means (i don't know spanish), but i figured, ah, what the hell. :-)

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