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July 16, 2008


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Ronald McDonald called - he wants his shoes back.

Gosh was that snarky? Sorry!

Melanie Beanpaste

Your shoes have rendered me speechless. I am speechless in the face of your Amazing Technicolor Dream Shoes.


I'm wearing my old Old Navy flip flops, but can't for the life of me decide whether to choose the silver or the bronze-colored ones. Maybe one of each!


Dude!! People on acid shouldn't make shoes!!!


I have NOTHING as cool as those. Matter of fact, my entire summer wardrobe os shoes are supplied by J Crew. (Think flip-flops.)


I emailed you a picture of my clown hooker shoes, so named because they were a very important part of my Clown Hooker costume, which earned me the Most Ridiculous costume award at the Austin Bat Society Halloween Party, 2006. No lie.

All Adither

No one's gonna be able to top those! Sweet.


What to choose... what to choose... will it be my comfy clog slippers from LLBean? or my fancy mile-high satin designer stilettos that cost more than a car payment? Oh, wait, I don't actually own the latter. Ok, get ready for a photo of the most comfortable "shoes" ever. (They count as shoes if you can accidentally wear them out of the house and to the store without realizing you forgot to change into real shoes, right?) They aren't as fancy as yours, but they are darn comfortable.

Drama Mama

I'm gonna have to wear my house shoes and come with curlers up in my hair- Just like I do when I goes to the sto!


damn, are those bowling night shoes? i love me some bowling shoes.

sadly, i have shoes in my closet that are old enough to babysit my children. hell, they're probably old enough to BEAR children.

oh, you just don't want to know...


Chesapeake Bay Woman: I am dying to know what guerilla's feet slippers look like. I so want a pair to wear to the conference. Are they bathed in blood and bullet shells? You guys obviously have way cooler shoe stores where you live. Seems all we have here are Crocs.


Cactus Petunia

Oh, man! I didn't realize this was one of those "shirts and shoes required" kinda conferences... I really don't want to wear shoes, but I sure am craving some pigs in blankets!

Big Hair Envy

Love the shoes! They would go really well with a margarita :)

Alias Liz Jones

I'm diggin those shoes. But I would like to wear a pair of black and white bowling shoes that I used to have. They look great with orange and neon green.


Crap! Decisions decisions!


...Okay, I'd have to go with my garden clogs - yeah, I wear 'em everywhere...but then I don't want you all to think I'm some kind of backwoods hick or anything so I'll go see what I'd really wear - off to the closet!

...See ya later Miss Fool'ry...

...Blessings fellow BlogHus' 'n' Hunks... :o)


I came to ask permission to put BlogHus on my blog and now I have to go dig in closet for shoes picture? I guess so if I'm going to be part of the nongroup. Well, I put it on my blog any way and tracked back to your original post. Does this make any sense? It's Sarah's post about Punk Rock Mommy that has me flabbergasted. Off to closet.


I might wear my slippers to this conference, seeing as I won't actually be going anywhere.

Plus, my slippers are awesome.

all things bd

Man, what a week to still be in California and away from all my shoes! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Ok, Where Was I?

I love the staging (can you even use that word with shoes? I am) to get the different angles on the shoes, which are stunning. You will make a fabulous entrance at the bloghus nonevent. I'll get mine photo'd today.

Rick's Cafe

Betting you designed department store windows in the 'early years'. You have a certain talent that can make a pair of shoes come alive.


Okay, there's NO topping those. I do believe I have the most UN-kicky, UN-cute shoe collection in Bloggywood.

But for YOU, dear Laurie, I'll give it a shot.


PS - My bad for not mentioning your group. Tsk Tsk on me. I promise to make up for it.

Mental P Mama

I have nothing as good as those...but will get to work on finding something acceptable. Are we going to need a quirky give-away too?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

This is such a thought-provoking post that I will need the entire day at work to contemplate which shoes I will send to you.... Will it be the Budweiser high-tops, or the bedroom slippers that look like guerilla's feet? These are all critical questions, especially since I am competing against those shoes of yours. Because it is a competition, right?

If your shoes came with a frizzy wig and a big red nose, I can already tell you that you win.

I'll send you my picture tonight. In the meantime, I'm craving some pigs in blankets.

Mrs. G.

Oh! I have those same shoes. I bought them at the Folk Life festival in Seattle.

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