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May 04, 2008


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Bob Cleveland

Uhhh .. if the truth ties you down and sits on your head, I don't think that'd be DROOL all over your face, there, kid.

Madame x

The Cindy in my asshat story spelled her name by transposing the y and the i.... Cyndi.... and then she dotted the i with a heart.

She got replaced by a Tammi...no heart.

You have lightened my day for months now...

The Man of My House

And I thought you had a sense of humor....harumphhh...none what so ever. Since when does having a date with a guy mean that he has to stop and put his entire life on hold to see if a girl is worth spending some time with.
ALL WOMAN do the exact same thing....all the time. The only difference is that thru female peer pressure growing up, you have made the behavior more subtle.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK, now, we're talkin'.

I SEE your Nick Asshat and I RAISE ya. (I've never played poker before, but I guarantee I'd win THIS hand.)


Love it.
p.s. Thanks for checkin' on me. - Cheeky


Completely unfamiliar with Powerbait®, Gub, so I can't answer that. I will tell you, however, that I don't advise googling "donkey sex" in order to find a great picture of loose-moralled donkeys caught *in flagrante delicto*, although most humans and certainly ALL computer users, other than Yours Truly, don't need this bit of oh-so-obvious advice.


Isn't "baited breath" when someone is chewing on an earthworm or a big wad of Powerbait®?

Did Nick ever chew on a Powerbait®? - I have always wondered.

ok, where was I

Ok, so you're writing the next part right now, right? So I can read it in, say, 15 minutes from now? Good.

Yeah, I've been there. Only I went on to have kids with him.


I too am excited about the next installment. I put all my plans on hold until I get the "rest of the story"
Thank you so much for this!

[EDIT] Surprize

So [EDIT EDIT], where'd you get the [EDIT EDIT]?

Did it come from the [EDITED JUST TO MAKE YOU WONDER]?
or, Did it come from [EDITED JUST BECAUSE I CAN]?



Oooooooh, I'd be pissed. And really, a big part of why I'd be mad would be because he'd been SO STUPID! Honestly, to play those messages while you are there? Remarkable.

And incidentally, thank you to The Mom Bomb for spelling "bated" right. Sorry, but I've seen "baited breath" so many times, it gives me a tic. So, I'm a nerd like that. Baited with what??

The Mom Bomb

You have me waiting for the next installment with bated breath! Wait! Don't tell me! You pulled a Lorena Bobbit, didn't you?


Argh...I'm waiting for a coming revenge! What an ass!
You tell a good story, girl!

Mental P Mama



Hide the hotdog? I can't get past that....

I hope you didn't cry for him very long.


oh man. i'd be just seething...

Cheryl McCoy

well, i clean house on saturday mornings -- i'm hoping you mopped the floor, WITH HIM!!!

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