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April 11, 2008


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Back off OK, Where Was I -- I saw him first.


ok, where was I

He's totally hot. I know you don't really care about such things since he's your brother. But I had to say it--you know, b/c no one else did. And you can make fun on TC all you want, but I love Top Gun. REally, I do. It's embarrassing, sure, but it's true. And he's single? Really?


Yep, he's a hottie alright.

Great post!


ha ha ha ha ha

No, but he does remember . . . THE ALAMO.


I have a question: did Mantle Man ever get his bike back?


Hi everybody,

Guess I'd better clear a few things up.

Mantel man is not my brother the chef -- that's Bocci. Mantel Man is not longer in the Navy; he works in real estate development in the desert southwest.

Jessie, I was pretty sure that was YOU, and not your husband, calling Mantel Man a cutie. ;)

Mantel Man, I think I'll save the Japanese fan club picture for another day. Maybe you can tell the story? It deserves its own weird little shrine.

Jenn, as far as I know Mantel Man has never jumped onto or off of a perfectly good couch, and never in Oprah's presence, in any case. Yet he has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and dangled from rocks that no one needs to dangle from. Which is crazier?

And Mantel Man is single. Picky, picky, picky. He is SO gonna kill me.


This post cracks me up - your relationship with your brother sounds like the one I have with mine. Only, mine's not that hot. Is MM single? Do tell. I'm guessing no, but hey, never hurts to ask! ;)

Jessica Keith

Okay, wait... the comment by Jeff Keith down there was me! I thought I signed into typekey, but I guess I didn't pay attention. HAHA! I made my husband sound so gay. XD

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Foolery, I am starting to come around to your theory about being separated at birth: My DOB is JANUARY 11, 1965. I am not making any of this up! I could see someone mistaking January for July.....

Thanks for visiting my amateur blog and if you ever want to come to a family reunion, one word: you do not want to know the rest of the family. (Ok, so more than one word, the one word would be RUN.)

Cactus Petunia

Wow. So sorry that your poor brother has the TC affliction. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. I'm sure he's way more normal, though... no sign of that crazed look in his eyes.

Tootsie Farklepants

Wow! That is uncanny! Your brother has way better teeth.


I JUST now noticed the "Movie Week" button up top, so NOW I get it... I'm a little slow.
Another funny post, but that seems a little redundant.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I live in a Navy town so I know better than to guess at rank!

He is very cute (and hopefully he hasn't lost his mind and taken to jumping couches!).


You've got a very interesting blog going on here! I will definitely be back.

Thanks for your very meaningful comments on my blog. It is much appreciated!

PS-Mantel Man? Holy cow.


He's way cuter than Tom Cruise. I've met Tom Cruise. He's not that much, up close. Not a very good racer, either. Really. Meh.

Shade and Sweetwater,


Yowza! Mantel Man is totally hot. Tom Cruise is hot too, but he's more than a little slimy, and something about Mantel Man looks much less shifty. So, he wins.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You are simply hilarious, and I say that not only about this post, but about your comments on Bossy. You are one of the few who can make me laugh out loud, and that's sayin' something these days.


 220 Min Till HappyPootsHour

Mantel Dude,

Invite yer Sis down here so we can do HH and get sloppy.

Mantel Man

Oh, bruddah.

Hey, you didn't post that old photo of me and Billy D and the drunk Japanese men in Tokyo! 'Course, maybe that's better for Japan's national honor. Those two looked as goofy as Tom Cruise in some of the photos you posted.

Mental P Mama

This Mental Mama is liking her Mantle Man. Since we have the same monogram....

Jeff Keith

Wow. He totally looks like Tom Cruise, but without the weasel thing around the eyes. Cutie!! Is this the same brother that's also a chef? I forget. If he looks that good AND cooks, I'm impressed. :)

Thom Kruze

O, I can smell the thighs burning.


What a hottie Mantel Man!

Raising this older woman's BP so early in the morning could be dangerous LOL

Great post, girl!


He may not look EXACTLY like Mr. Tommy, but damn is your brother HOT!!!

Hello!! I have the Top Gun theme song running through my head right now.

Thanks! Great way to start a day!


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