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April 28, 2008


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Just delurking long enough to tell you I really love the Mormor stories! What a treasure they are!


what a great story! (lurking by way of derfwad manor :-) i hope there's more!


I am so loving this story. I too am glued as I read,
thank you!!!!!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I continue to be amazed at your writing and all the details you capture.

Great story.



Great photos.

Ok, Where Was I?

What an amazing story and amazing woman. Our travels are nothing like that today--it's hard to imagine such a trip.


AG, I wish I could claim the "way with words," but they are all my grandmother's words. I just typed them into the computer. Thanks for reading, everybody!

-- Laurie


What a great story. I wish I had the collection of old family photos to do this too...

Rick's Cafe

What a time era...a lone girl, safely traveling the country.

Mental P Mama

Awwww. Great story. Kinda makes you feel foolish for pissing and moaning about a 2 hour flight delay....


What a wonderful story! I was glued to the screen! You have such a way with words!

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