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April 26, 2008


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I've never gone to the opera (I know, I know. I'm a savage.), but lawdy, you did a good job of getting it on my to do list.

Not Julia Child ... Gah.

Mrs. G.

Secret Boyfriend is a universal term. Good choice!


Hi MultiplesMommy -- welcome! And I can see I have misrepresented myself without thinking about it. I LOVE the operas that are easy to love -- Carmen (my favorite), La Traviata, The Marriage of Figaro, and now La Boheme and La Fille du Regiment.

But I'm more of your "American Idol" or "Top 40" style of opera fan: I'm not yet sophisticated enough for the ones that don't reach out and grab me by the collar. I like an overture that knocks me out. SOOOOO not ready for hours of dour and cranky Wagner.

As I said, I'm a beer-swilling plebe, just dipping her toes into the opera pool. :)

-- Laurie


I can't believe you love opera! I can never, ever find anyone to go watch opera with me, no matter how many times I ask. Husband went with me once to see Romeo and Juliet because my boss gave us tickets when we got married, and I roped him into seeing Carmen when we were in Vienna, because, hey, it was CARMEN in VIENNA! But since that happy day almost 8 years ago, I haven't been to one. Wanna' go with me?? I'll let you have all the hot guys as secret boyfriends...


So glad you had a fantastic date with your secret boyfriend (I hope F. Murray Abraham doesn't find out!)
Nice photo of you - I KNEW your as* couldn't possibly be as big as you claim it is, and now I know, because it's obvious, it's not even CLOSE. Liar. :-)

Ok, Where Was I?

You might be too classy for me to hang with--not like I'd have a problem, but you might. I went to your girl crush's website but it's not in English. What's that about?


Was that an actual made T-shirt you were wearing?

Sally Struthers cry had me LOLing too and your description of everything was fantastic! I've never been to an opera, but you make it sound so fun!

I would be willing to skip the mascara since I never wear it either :)


"crying like Sally Struthers" and ". . not Julia Child." My favorite phrases in this post. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your lovers and your mascara.


Is that a Sony CyberShot in your lap there LauFoo?


You kill me! "Cry like Sally Struthers" says it all.
Amazing well done post.
and thank you for sharing

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Lordy, between you and Bossy, there's a whole lot of boyfriends being had!

This sounds awesome, and very grown-up. I haven't done anything grown-up since....oh, that's right: never.

Entertaining as always!


"Plus, how many big opera stars would wear a grungy wife-beater?" -- and how many of THAT small number would look like rock-climbing superstars while doing it? I'm guessing just one.

If you ever get bored of advertising, I think that you could get a job writing music and opera reviews for some BIG publication. These are brilliant and make me want to go see everything you love, even if it's something I'd never thought of before.

Also? Your Secret Boyfriend is sooooo hot that I seriously really might have to dump my TVLand Boyfriend for him. Or do you think I could just be his girl on the side? I totally don't need the official title or anything. Would you mind?

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