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March 12, 2008


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Mantel Man

And Mormor comes and goes, "Oh , that's my baby, he's gonna be famous."

Never tell someone to bite you on the Ides of March.

Besides - I don't eat junk food.

"Mister Brutus is highly sophisticated. Make HIM the platypus."


That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Oh, and also? BITE ME, MANTEL MAN.

"Mister Lemon Mister Lemon! How . . . are you today?" "Oh, I'm okay but my wife . . . shore is in pain." Mr. John Lemons is born. :)

Mantel Man

Hey sis, thanks for the story. It brings back fond memories of a great lady.

And the story just wouldn't have been the same without that photo of the tree stump.


Ya know, I lost my grandmother too.....

In Walmart.

Wounded Elbow FingerPoot

Better, but this is a really slow recovery type operation. If I pick up a 16oz Bud it hurts, but at least now I can do 12ers pretty well. Not this weekend for the mo'cycle but maybe next (optimistic).

How witchu up der where the happy cows come from?
Like to ride the mo'cycle up that way some day, but.......... you know.
I would like to get to ride a cow again though.
(long story).

Since Aerospace business is unlikely to land me up in Orland on a biz trip, just gonna have to wait till you swing down here.

How far are you from Napa? I do get up to Benetia Bay once in a while.

Whats yer temp? We got 85 goin here today. Supposed to go in the dumper on Sun though.

Well I just had a tough mtg with my favorite Apache supplier (they're in CA.). Good thing it was a telecon and not face to face. Could have got........... less than civil (violent). Need to do some 12oz elbow PT after work today.


Hey Snorpht, how's the arm?

Sumtin be hallow down der deer

O Hallie.
Yo po kontry goil.

Hollow leg (as opposed to Hallowed Leg) means she could drink alot.

O Lawdy I wunner if'n ya'll even nose what causes babys my deeer.


A hollow leg? How awesome!! And I thought my Dad was cool cuz doesnt have any cartilidge (sp?) in his nose!


Jessica Keith

Aww, that's great! My great grandmother wrote a sort of autobiography (she lived until I was 20) and gave it to my cousin to type up. Unfortunately, she has never done it, and none of the rest of the family can read it. :( Kind of makes me want to smack her.


I love old family stories. I wish my grandparents had written some of their down.

Shade and Sweetwater,

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