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February 15, 2008


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Yummy Mommy

Hee hee, that's hilarious! I've had the mismatched sock thing, but never shoes. I do remember when I worked for BC Ferries realizing when I was at work that there was kind of a lump in my uniform pant leg and pulling out a bra that must have gotten in there in the wash. That was embarrassing!


Heck, run your errands anyway. Maybe no one will notice. Or, if they notice, they'll think you forgot your medication, feel sorry for you, and buy you something shiny.

But then again, I used to go shopping in pink flamingo slippers. Yeah.


Thanks, Snorphty -- but I can't go shoe shopping barefoot, and I can't be seen in mismatched shoes without the benefit of a lengthy explanation, so I'm going to run for my car under cover of darkness (maybe that should be DORKness) after work tonight.

Happy Happy Hour, and have a couple for me (then taxi home)!

One Pair fits all FingerPoot

You're a ChickiePoo.
Go do what ChickiePoos do. Go shopping for new shoes. Then go to HH. (You know you've been needing some new shoes for HH for some time now).

So, go have fun............. and EAT ME!

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