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February 25, 2008


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LOL!! What a great tutorial. I'll take this over Cliffs Notes any day!


Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I don't think I'll be borrowing her rubberband any time soon.


When was Cher a Vegas showgirl? lol

That rubber band makes me itch too but not for the same reasons I'm sure.


Why did you put a picture of Borat in with the pictures of Cher?

The Mom Bomb

This was HI-LARIOUS! (imagine this said in hillbilly accent).

I learned so much. Like: Cher has a tatoo down there by her pubic, umm, "region".

Sarah is Ok

You're so cultured. All NPR and stuff. I know nothing about opera, of the Cher variety or otherwise, so this has been most informative. And that rubber band makes me itch and cringe every time.

Jessica Keith

I'm an opera numb-skull. If you had told me Cher sang in Carmen, I would have been likely to believe you. If you told me Enrico Caruso was really Sonny at a halloween party, I would have believed that too. I love to listen to opera, but my knowledge of it is ZERO!


Heh. Heheheh. Umm...I have a confession. Oh, dear.

I don't really enjoy Karaoke much, but my best girlfriend does. Sometimes I go to keep her company, usually under duress. She does a better than passable "Go Ask Alice." If she buys me many, many drinks (MANY!!), she can sometimes persuade me to do the one song she loves to hear me sing above all others. Oh, my.

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. She swears I sound just like Cher. I swear I sound just like a drunken walrus yakking up it's last sixty fish.

Thank you, and goodnight.


Yet again another hilarious, informative, and visually stimulating (except for the pic that seared my eyeballs) post from Foolery. The one thing that had me wondering, though: how on earth did you get so much detail about the costumes from a RADIO broadcast of Carmen? You seriously are a genius!

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