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December 04, 2007


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The Mom Bomb

I don't have any gay ex-boyfriends. I did briefly date one guy who later became a priest -- does that count? At least he didn't hit me up for his fundraiser.


Ingrid my darling! I was just gonna hop a train and come lookin' fer you -- it's been a long time. Sorry to hear about the possibly-gay-jackasshat-ex-boyfriend, but we've all had at least one, haven't we?

Kiss little Gunter on the forehead for me, and give Yosef his Christmas goose.




Jessie, I'm still laughing. I think I'll bookmark this page and visit when I need to laugh. THANK YOU!

No, he didn't like to go shopping, and neither did I, Hallie. He DID want to take me to a truck pull once, though. One of the cruelest things I ever said to a boyfriend was at that moment: "Tony, I can't express to you just how much I DON'T want to go to a truck pull." He was crushed.

Snorpht, I leave that to your imagination, which would run with it no matter WHAT my answer might be. Thanks, from this member of the free world, for protecting me today. Woof.

Ingrid Bergmeister

Hay Swams, I never had a gay x boyfriend but I had a Nick AssHat one. He wore a Stetson and was a real jackass...hat. He may have turned out gay, I'm not sure. I wonder if I turned him gay by being such a jeans and t-shirt kind of person? Maybe he bought me a dress, gave up, and wore it himself? hmmmm, thanks for making me think about that.


Did he AT LEAST like to go shopping with you?

I would have been happy to have a gay ex-boyfriend as long as he acted like Jack on Will & Grace - of course if he did, one would hope I would have FIGURED out that he was gay.

Oh well, since I have been with John since I was 16, guess this is sort of irrelevant. :-)


FingerPoot: Last Hope For a Free World, Snorpht!

That depends if he was any good in the sack.

Hi Jessie, got any more sweaters to model?

Woo Woo!

And yes, mark today on your calenders... For today I AM earning your tax dollars. woof!

Jessica Keith

I was going to make some jokes, but then I remembered the time I ran into my exboyfriend at the mall... in a dress... and makeup. I knew his obsession with The Cure wasn't quite right. Was it wrong of me to turn and run away?

Fabulous FingerPoot

Was he any good in the sack?

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