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October 12, 2007


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G-Spot FingerPoot

You mean you have to fake it?
See what happens when you marry a Lib.


Well, I dunno 'bout THAT, Snorphty -- but I'm a perty good actress, I guess.

Snopht needs a smoke

I always wondered it there really such a thing as a food induced female orgasm. I've heard such.

Now I know.


Thanks Jessie. Yup, eating is one of my strong suits. And I hacked off all my hair about a month ago. I do it every once in a while, usually in a fit of pique.

My Midwestersouthern heritage dictates that I say CAR-mul and pee-CAN, but I fight pee-CAN, and even manage to say puh-CONN when I'm feeling snooty. My grandmother called a Mazda a MAAZ-duh, though, so it's an uphill battle for me.

Jessica Keith

Laurie, you did great! I'm lovin' the short hair, too. From the pictures you've had on here, I thought it was long.
Thanks for the AMMOND explanation, too. I was afraid it would be rude to ask, but I was gonna have to do it anyway! You saved me the trouble. The question is, though, how do you guys pronounce pecan? And caramel? Because despite what people here in Alabama believe, they are not Pee-cans and Carmul.

Jeff Keith

LOL That is a great commercial and you did a fabulous job. Thanks for checking out my blog last week!

Jeff Culbreath

Nice work, Laurie! You're a natural! Having grown up on an AMMOND farm, I always enjoy 'splainin' the true and correct pronunciation to foreigners. :-)


Wow you did a great job Laurie.

I have been told I have the perfect face for radio too! ;)

Those almonds (ALL-munds) looked yummy too.

I may live here but I don't have to think like here. At least that's what I keep saying to myself.

Juggernaut Jane

Swami Dearest!! I am impressed. You're too talented. You look marvelous darling. I absolutely loved your part. I watched it twice and tried to sign in to rate it. I got kicked back twice on the captcha so I gave up and decided that I'm rating it here. i give it 5 stars. You're a natural. I feel honored to know a certified actress. One of my friends was in a commercial for a dress shop but she started smoking crack. Don't let it do you that way Swami. Can I be in your entourage?
Your career sounds wonderful. I did wonder about the amond pronunication. You read my mind.
Your fan,

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