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August 24, 2007


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Don't be silly, Jer -- none of my ex-entanglements read my blog. Not positive ANY of them can read.

Jerry (klober6@hotmail.com)

I wonder if IV ever reads your BLOG....he reads...right?

Texas FingerPoot

I'm having a hard time believing the "Texas" thang. Tea-has..... naw. Idaho maybe.....


Well, I would, Poots, but then we'd have to destroy the camera. Scratch that -- I don't have a wide-angle lens. Sorry.

Highway FingerPoot

"butt as big as Texas"......

this I gotta see. PICTURES PLEASE!

Poots gonna drive I-10.

Jessica K

Anytime, Laurie. Trust me, though, yours was way funnier and way worse. My bad date ended up in the army, yours ended up in jail.
And thanks for reminding me why I don't have pets. Random hairballs and dingleberries are a little more than I want to deal with right now!!


Okay, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP: I read your comment, Jessie, and laughed out loud suddenly, and choked myself in the process. I even THREW UP A LITTLE BIT when I got to the kitchen for some water. On the kitchen floor there was a small cat dingleberry. I can only hope it came from a cat.

True story. Thanks for the laugh. Warn me next time, okay?


Jessica K

That is the worst date story EVER!! Makes my worst date sound kinda tame. Here's a short version. I worked with a great looking guy who sang in a metal band, who had a younger brother who wanted a date with me. I thought, how bad could it be? Hunky, cool older brother means hunky, cool younger brother right? Wrong. Picture a brillo pad with acne and braces. Who drove around listening to Metallica all night and got mad when I wouldn't share a certain illegal smokable substance that happened to be in my purse. And then the brillo pad's braces tried to kiss me. I think I threw up a little bit when they scratched my teeth. In fact, I feel a little queasy now...

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