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July 24, 2007


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Christmas w/a K

Hey - thanks for spreading my photo around and linking back to my flickr page! Sounds like quite a trip. Bon voyage ->christmas

Sonoran Snorpht

Its been humid here and I'm probably a little salty.


You are a good sport, Miss Jessie!

Jessica Keith

Oh, and eating Snorpht made me thirsty, so I think I'll go grab an Amber Ultra!

Jessica Keith

I'm so glad you guys had fun! We don't get a vacation this summer cause hubby just got promoted. Yay! for the new job, Boo! for no vacation.
I'm totally impressed by your girls, though. Our guys have gotten too used to the dvd player for long trips. They wouldn't know how to roadtrip without it.


Um, Snorphty? I know what that means on Kim's blog, but consider how it sounds here. Sounds pretty vulgar, dontcha think? And BUD -- just adding insult to injury! Next you're gonna tell me you've taken up NASCAR!

Keep it clean, amigo, por favor.

Snorpht EatMyPoots

In a couple of hours the baby and wife will start a 8500 mi trip.

I, of course will be sitting at home drinking a Bud.

and Jessie, I'll EAT you
you EAT me!

later, I'z getting thirsty and the door is open. I'm goin for the bolt attempt. C YA

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