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April 26, 2006


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I feel so relieved that I've finally found someone else who dislikes rhubarb as much as I do!

And I am honored that my blog is more important than your ironing. I will now make it my personal duty to write enough blog posts so that you never have to iron again.

Grandma J

Had to come back and finish reading...only to find a new episode! Goodie!!

I don't like rhubarb, but I'm really picky about food. It has to sizzle, fizzle or be loaded with butter or sugar. Oh, and I do like tomatoes. My maternal grandmother always fixed meals that had at least one thing that each of us hated...just out of principle. I think that's why I give my grandkids whatever they damn please.


I do not like rhubarb either. I will admit it is palatable in a pie with strawberries or raspberries, but why ruin perfectly good berries with rhubarb?

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