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January 18, 2011


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Debbie, go to Toonlet.com and I think you start with a random character -- it throws together one head, one torso, two random arms, facial features, etc. Then you select each part one at a time and go through their libraries to find the parts you prefer. Its a little tricky getting used to the highlighting, sizing, moving, etc., but its SO much fun!



How did you do this? I must go check this out. Did you draw them? This is new to me. I must have missed a past post. You are so talented and creative. Cool to be you Ms. Foolery!!

Tracey of These Nine Acres

So, that is why I get nothing accomplished. Who knew? Apparently, you.

Audubon Ron

My fingers are cold and my toes.

Wait--the heat pump doesn't work worth a flip.

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