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September 28, 2010


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Well, shoot. No Margaret, no Meg. No Soup.

Audubon Ron

No Hurricane Ducks Mahal. There ought to be I tell ya. That's right, I'm playing the ducks card.


But then again, who wouldn't want to spend some time in the Gulf of Mexico, even if it involves spinning in circles? (as a result of one too many - if that's possible - margeritas?)


As a citizen of hurricane states my whole life, I'm always curious if my name, Heather, is on the list. It never is. Check out the list for future names though, http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml , you're up (Laura) in 2014!


Well, seeing as they're alphabetical with naming they rarely get down to 'R'. I think that's unfair.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Those Janices are nothing but trouble. Nothing.

Camille was a ferocious one. Or was that precocious? It was a storm that smarted. Or was that a very smart storm?

Anyway Camille is far too lovely a name for a hurricane. It should be saved for someone very special.


surprisingly, there has been a beryl, but never a sheryl. go figure.

Laurie Ann

Awww, you'd think a hurricane with our name would carry more force, or at least more whimsy. Instead, we get this: "Laurie eventually made landfall on Mexico on the 27th as a weak depression, and dissipated that day."

noe noe girl

Nope, no damages caused by Hurricane Nora or Noe Noe. For once I can say...Its not my fault!


I don't have a hurricane, however, I noticed the name "Janice" has been used twice... interesting

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