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February 03, 2009


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Mantel Man

I may have been an idiot for raising, showing, and blow-drying chickens, but at least I can get their names right - it was PUFFY, you fool, not FLUFFY. Nobody names a chicken "Fluffy." Jeeeeeeeezzz...

Thanks for bringing back these fun memories. And I'm impressed that you remembered malathion.

Bob Cleveland

Yoo hoo ... MomBomb ... "penultimate" means "next-to-last" (whatever it was you thought was #1, please keep it to yourself)....


The Mom Bomb

O.M.G. And I thought trimming our rabbit's claws was the penultimate in hard. I cannot imagine a beak.

I'm pretty sure that I have a wattle.

Rick's Cafe

Takes a couple days to get rid of that dirty chicken smell....not that I'm an expert:))

Suz broughton

Nobody likes a dirty chicken. Good job.

The Glamorous Life

Man you are a wealth of knowlege. The things I learn from you are priceless.

And also alarming. Y'all know my son is now in 4H and we will be caring for a frickin PIG soon. Do you suppose I am gonna have to BATHE that sucker? Will I have to slather it in vaseline too? Just the thought makes me cringe.

I am totally calling you down to come do it. Since you are all 'farm-y'. Of course you will probably wear heels.

Kathi D

I am printing this out so I can laminate it and hang it near the chicken coop.

I have black chickens, yellow chickens, red chickens, and black and white striped chickens. I need additional styling tips.


>>Gently blow dry your chicken.

Not really a sentence I ever expected to read!

Mental P Mama

How does a chicken get dirty in the first place?


i don't know anyone who should live life without knowing this process. thank you for filling the void.
also, i actually like the "air-dried" chicken better. is that wrong?

Rick's Cafe

I ordered a "Jerk Chicken" from the menu the other day, it was nothing like what's served in Kingston.

Still brings a smile just thinking about it:)


I've clearly been wasting my time serving beer and burgers. Chicken Styling sounds like the Career For Me!

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

I was scrolling in my reder waiting for the live chicken to morph into a plate of fried chicken.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'll take one blow-dried chicken (white meat and white fluffy feathers) and a large mashed potatoes with gravy, a large green beans, and a super large, sweetened iced tea.

Also, I have a coupon for a "buy one feathered chicken, get the other one plucked" free. How much do I owe?

Girl, this one is right up there with your Dad's cow round-up.


Bob Cleveland

Incidentally, if you want to know why bluing makes stuff white, I have the scientific explanation.

Bob Cleveland

On the other hand, if you use the Belchfire Supreme Hair Dryer, and set it on high, you can both (a) remove all the feathers, and (b) cook the bird to a nice golden brown. Which we did with the pet chick we got the kids one Easter when they were little.

Doc Chicken.

He tried to get even by flocking us when we'd walk to the outhouse on my in-laws' farm, where we'd left him when he got too big for the cage we had left over when Peg accidentally snuffed the gerbil.

He was delicious. Doc, not the Lone Ranger (the gerbil).

ps: "Chop chop" describes what they do to chicken when you order Jerk Chicken at the Chelsea Jerk Centre in Kingston. Plop-er down on a board and let-er have it .. right before they wrap her up and hand her to you.

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