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August 31, 2008


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Alias Liz Jones

I do love your Mormor stories. I have an aunt that is 90 years old. She is a walking history book.
I love to hear her account of things.
I love your window into the past. Thanks for sharing.


Those people look like they've been superimposed on top of the wagon... that's how many there are!

Plus, lovin' the Indian.

Rick's Cafe

"Butt" County CA, with a picture of a mostly naked Indian.

Sex in advertising even back then.

[yeah, Butte is probably pronounced with a long U - but that doesn't follow the rules nor would be as much fun]

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You're lucky you have these stories documented for posterity.

Up until the mid-1970's, we had our milk delivered in glass bottles and my grandmother went to a local farm to buy eggs. (My other grandmother had her own chickens and sold the eggs at the country store she ran.)What I remember about that egg place was the smell...not very appetizing.

I can't imagine wearing the heavy outfits of the time in that heat and inhaling the chicken smell (if in fact yours had a smell, I know ours sure did).

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