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August 19, 2008


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Cactus Petunia

This is why as a photo stylist, I've chosen only to work with mannequins...because the tragedy of such beautiful women being forced to wear clothes labeled "Sag Harbor" is just too much to bear!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

That is some of the funniest $hit I have read in a long time.. Love you long time laurie.


Genius-ly brilliant! I'm trying to maintain professional decorum here at work but it's kinda hard when I want to LOLOL!!

San Diego Momma

Wow! It's totally as if the cast of Desperate Housewives were models and bitches. Or just models.

Clever, my Foolistic friend.


Ok...I rather enjoyed that!


...*giggle*...*snort*,*snort*...*giggle*,hee,hee,hee,*snort*... *insert tears running down ones face*... *now grabbing arm of chair*... *LOL!*... *snort*... *oops - I think I peed a little*...lol...

...Creating a post that one will not soon forget?
PRICELESS! lol... :oD



~snort~!! Oh, ouch, that's red wine up my nose tonight (giggle, giggle).


This is better than daytime TV. So, will there be another episode next month when the next catalog comes out??? ??? ??? (Um, pretty please with a cherry on top?)

The Mom Bomb

I'll never look at my J.Jill catalog the same way again.


SCORE!!! You're great!

Da Goddess

You're so weird. But I like it. And I laughed. So that's a good thing. :D

Big Hair Envy

Bahahahaha! I think Tania and the Red Head should get together.

Did those pictures come out of the 1978 J.C. Penney Fall Catalog??


I'm having a shit day. And it's still shit, even after reading this post. But at least now I can comfort myself with the knowledge that it's not as shitty as the day Tania is having. So thanks for that.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Post perfection.
Nuff said



Cute. I always wondered what they were thinking. I won't look at catalogs the same way again.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Rick's Cafe

All those 'models' would be welcome in my Bently:))!

Does that make me easy??

Jozet at Halushki

That was freaking brilliant! LOL! Just what my brain needed to jump start into goofydom this morning!


Those are some smart, sassy and sharp looking blouses.

She makes them look like they belong on the red carpet!


Kathi D

I laughed. A lot. A whole, whole lot.

Here is a fashion line my husband loves. There was a comedienne on David Letterman years ago (wish I could remember who) talking about shopping and she makes a motion like fingering the collar of a blouse, and says,
"Betty! Betty, it comes in BONE!"

I don't quite know why that hit our funny bone the way it did, but we have been saying it for, like, 15 years now. (I think you had to be there.)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Wait--I have brain cells? That regenerate?


This made me laugh. SO MUCH.


I shall never look at a catologue the same way again.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Fantastic! I will laugh about this tomorrow.

Suz Broughton

They get to tell everyone they are models. That's the important part. What do you do? "I'm a model."
Just like who ever wrote the descriptions of the clothes they are wearing get to call themselves a writer.
Everyone wins.
Except possibly the people who buy the clothes. They might be the losers in all this...and Tania.


I don't know how you do it day after day -- knock 'em out of the park like this, but seriously, woman, this is damn funny. I love it. You are a riot, and I love the way your brain works.

Liz Jones

hahahahaha.(the hahahaha model was hahahaha, too)
Thanks for the laugh and I did laugh, out loud. Not just a little weak sounding lol but a LOL.


Who needs anti-depressants when I have you, Beej and McMommy!!!!!!

Seriously, between the three of you, I have laughed outloud tonight, a sound rarely heard around here recently.

This was brilliant Laurie. I'm bookmarking this and coming back to it time and time again...hell, I'm sending out a mass email because it's PFA!


omg. after the worst day ever, this has completely raised me up!

how shallow i am, i know. maybe i could be b-list model material?


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