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July 22, 2008


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All Adither

Wow. That Frank. What an awesome thing to do.

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

There are so many great, wonderful and good things in your post, surrounding all the reports of sadness that I hope you can enjoy your vacation knowing that those you care for are safe. Take care, rest up, and enjoy your vacation.




Forgot to wish you a happy vacation! Be safe!!


Wow -- so glad you're okay. Been thinking about you and the fires and wondering how you're doing.

And so glad your friend Deni is okay -- how lucky she is.

Wow to everything in that post.


Cheeses of Nazareth Laurie...if anyone I know needs a vacation, it's you!

I am however glad to hear you are FINE! I've often thought about you the last several days, what with dealing with all that heat, and smoke and ash.

What a harrowing story of your friend with the rattler. Makes me SO SO SO happy we sold the place in Lake Arrowhead. Not only does it burn every three years or so, there are too many snakes for my liking up there. *shiver*

Have a great holiday!

Alias Liz Jones

Dear Swams, enjoy your vacation. Sounds as if you need one very badly. Hope that the situation in California is completely over soon. It seems to have been going on forever and I live a trillion miles away. I'm sure that it seems like a very long time for you and your neighbors. Stay safe and have a happy vacation.


Holy crap! That's a lot of heavy-duty stuff going on where you live. Our longterm goal has been to move West. We have family in the Rockies who keep us informed of regional dangers such as rattlesnakes (which I have seen and they scare the bejesus out of me!) as well as wildfires. Your stories put such a real touch to these far-removed subjects here in the Great Lakes region.
I'm glad you and yours are all OK. Scary stories with mostly good endings.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

And your head did not explode how?! Amazing stories! SO glad things are going OK. Fires are so scary. I think I would rather have an earthquake than another fire (I live in San Diego and was evacuated last year).


Holding all that in for so long? Yeah, you're a stronger woman than I. I'd have been giving hour by hour updates.

Frank might be my new hero. And that firefighter.

Drama Mama

I have seem the fires on tv, but they weren't real to me- cause I am so far away- Now I understand what people are going thru-
I can relate cause we had Hurricane Katrina 3 years ago-
Have a good trip!


Well gosh girl! Laughter and making others smile is a great tool for dealing with stress and we've had a blast with you over the weekend. I'm just so sorry to hear you've had so much on your mind :( You deserve a wonderful restful vacation and I hope you get it. Thank God everyone made it okay and agree Frank is a hero! Boy...you're strong as a rock! (Applause)

Mrs. Frank (via e-mail)

Hi Laurie,

I couldn’t believe the call I received from my husband when he was evacuating his friends. The really cool thing is that he not only saved their animals but he also grabbed their prescriptions, address book, and even their delicates! If that were my house and I had to ask a Frank to save my stuff…I would be shocked if they remembered my bras. TEE HEE!

Thank you for having him forward your e-mail, it made me remember why I fell in love with him in the first place: I am lucky to call him my best friend. I am calling my husband “Frank” for a few days.

Cactus Petunia

Jeez, Fool! Life is not exactly boring where you live, is it? I mean, the imagery alone is gonna stick with me for awhile..I feel like I was there.

Giant cinders, thick smoke, exploding toilets, huge rattlesnakes, heroes, rescued rabid bear cubs, refugees outrunning walls of flames, and on top of it all...the spoiled milk! It's got all the markings of a fabulous miniseries.

Thanks for sharing it all with us, and I'm glad it wasn't worse.
Now get going and enjoy your vacation. And send postcards!


Well . . . MOST of us are fine, anyway. Hey Snorpht, if you're cruising for chickiepoos -- be nice to my guests while I'm gone, will ya? MWAHH!

Just to stress to all of you -- we are completely without danger of fire here in the valley and no one should worry at all (as long as no bozos start throwing cigarettes). Do worry a bit for the poor people getting chased out of the mountain communities of Trinity and Shasta counties. Thanks for your kind thoughts, and see you Monday (and maybe before)!

AssMar Banger Boi

Yea, Yea, Yea.......

Your Fine.
I'm Fine.
Everybodys Fine.

Cept maybe that AssMar Gyrl.
Sumtimes I wunner bout 'her'.


What a week! I thought I was tired last week, but, lady, I got nothin' on you. I'm glad you and yours are breathing easier in terms of fire. And glad to know the snake bite is healing. You surely need a vacation. I hope you have a wonderful one.


There's fine, and there's F-I-N-E, fine. Sounds like you've a bit of both.

One can be driven to silliness to ward off the wall of horror threatening to crush one. Thanks for giving us a part in the foolery, and thus a place in your safety net. You do realize that means you're part of OUR safety net now, too? Whoa, that's like, all Zen or something.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who is pleased to know that you are fine or F-I-N-E, or just rolling along tickedy-boo)

Big Hair Envy

Amazing what great stories come out of such a tragic event. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your vacation! You have definitely earned it.

Suz Broughton

That is frightening about the snake. Glad she's okay.
I saw this bear today on the news. They looks so cute and cuddly when they are babies. My daughter wanted one.


Wowwwww. Thanks for sharing. My brother lives in Sacramento & has complained about the smoke.

My Dad lived in Greenwood/Cool area until about 3 years ago & it is truly beautiful.

I am so glad that nobody you know was hurt, & that friends were able to save others' animals.

God bless you@=!

Mental P Mama

Oh Laurie, I am covered in goosebumps. What incredible stories of strength and resolve. And I'm, so glad you are all okay. Have a wonderful vacation.

Rick's Cafe

It must be my sick sense of humor peaking out, but can't decide which is funnier, the spoiled milk or the rabies shots. Suspose I'd probably be a little short tempered too if my paws were burned.

So you really can't use a wood burning stove with the fire on the outside... had always wondered about that, but afraid to try.

Greatfull beyond words that human life, specially the ones I've grown to know and appreciate, are safe and sound.


hon, now i'm actually worried about you. what can we do to help?

frank is my new hero, too. your friend deni is a close second, too.

thinking about all of you Cali people and worried, worried, worried.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

I have CHILLS. Just as I was getting over reading about what might be the biggest expression of friendship by Frank-the-Hero (I am so in love with this story and him) I start reading about the snake bite. And then the bear? Are you trying to make me cry with joy for all 3???? Yes you are I think...


Forgot Deni - so glad the outcome was good!


I love Frank. And I'm glad your family - and also that little bear - is, all things considered, ok.

Have a wonderful vacation!


...Girl, here you had all of that going thru your head and then loads of photos of folk's shoes showing up and had to pull off a killer post like you did about 'em all - you're incredible! You need some time away and I hope you manage to relax and get away from it all...

...I'm glad to hear that you're bosses wife survived her ordeal and that the fireman and lil' bear will make it too.

...See ya when you get back! Don't forget the wine and we'll leave the light on for ya... ;o)

...Blessings to ya...

Chesapeake Bay Woman

If I had all that crowding my head, it would have popped off my shoulders a long time ago. Your vacation couldn't come at a better time, even if it is very inconvenient for me, your most addicted reader.

Enjoy yourself and come back full of your incredible wit and humor.


Laurie...thank goodness you are distracted by the mundane and the trivial.
Some days your posts are my raison d'etre.
They keep me laughing at life, which is what it's all about really.
Thanks for your warm comments




WOW - glad to hear it and hurry back with the giggles, OK? We'll bring your newspapers in for ya...


Holy crap, the fangs were an inch and a half apart!?

You could take JUST THIS POST and turn it into some sort of best sellin novel!

Glad to hear you are JUST FINE and hope your much needed vacation gives you some time to relax and recoup.


That was a pretty awesome post, to be honest.

I want a guy like Frank. No kidding. I want someone to save my cats if there are ever forest fires in Essex. Which is unlikely, considering it's July and the sun has only just come out.

Your comment about the 'goat-envy' comment saying it may have been the best comment of the day was definitely the best comment of the day. Making sense? Anyway, you made me smile like an idiot. Thanks!

Dustin Hoffman? Seriously? Well I suppose we all have our weaknesses. I'm watching Butch Cassidy again with my mum this weekend (seriously, we planned it). I'm looking forward to the Redford action.

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