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July 07, 2008


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Could you help me. Level with your child by being honest. Nobody spots a phony quicker than a child.
I am from Namibia and bad know English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Printeris; bralik versioon saada brale."

Thank ;-) Nadir.

Suz Broughton

I go away for a week and you revolutionize the blogging world? Well, I would rather have you stage a coup than anyone else.


i suspect that by the time i ever get nickels together to attend THAT OTHER CONFERENCE, it will have jumped the shark. i am that much of a trendsetter.


Can I play? Even if I have been on a blogging hiatus?? Because I agree with The Beans post that it all smacks a little bit of high school. Will they like me? Will they come to my blog? How many hits will I get and all that...none of us are real anyway, right? We just live in cyber space.
So I want to be a BlogHus.
Make shirts. Make buttons,mugs and bumper stickers...oh.wait...then are we starting our own group? Then is someone gonna kinda, like boycott us?
I'm having an existential dilemma now.
Hey, it's good to catch up on foolery, tho. Even if I am still on blogging hiatus...you make me laugh.

Drama Mama

oh what fun- sign me up1


...I wanna play. Can I be a hussy? I've never been a hussy before. What do BlogHussys do? They gotta do somethin'...

..."AARRRRR"!...lol...Ooo, that felt kinda good...(*giggle*) ;o)

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life


Pick me!

Okay I am working with a group of bloggers to put together a weekend in the fall to meet and greet. No classes. no seminars. nothing productive AT ALL. I suspect lots of drinking and laughing. We are thinking of calling it BlogBlur 2008. But I love BlogHus...count me in!

Suburban Kamikaze

Will there be rum drinks?


What's it really all about? I mean really!


Blog-Hunk, Blog-His, how about Blog-Hustler, or Blog-Hub, or Blog-Hummer? I'd like a separate (but equal) logo, please.


Thanks for the tip on the Beans site. After you I have found my second favorite writer. Can you tell I'm suckin' up to be in the club. Hey soon I'll be a double magnet head, you gotta have a spot for one of those in your club house.
Just askin'

The Mom Bomb

A club where I have to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? I was BORN to be a BlogHus.

Rick's Cafe

The thought of women with eye-patches is moderately exciting.

Will you all carry swords too? The vision is getting more thrilling!

Will all you 'hussies' look like Catherine Zeta Jones from the Mask of Zorro?

Alas, maybe my mind wanders a step too far. In defense, while not a pirate, Jones is the only actress I could think of who has talent with a sword:)!


I'm so lost this morning from leaving the Bean to go to Mommy Pie and now I'm back here and agree and cane I be part of the BlogHus even though I have forgotten the email and oh...ARRRRRR :)


Blog Hussies Unite! LOVE IT -- Count me in!

Grandma J

Listen, the guys can be Blog*His short for Blog*Hissy.

I like my Blog*Hus(sy) just the way it is....unless you want to change it.


Arrrgh! I'll bring the eye patches.

How about just BlogHu? That covers BlogHu(ssies) and BlogHu(nks) and has the added appeal of suggesting BlogWho?, much like the AllMediocre site knock off of AllTop.

Ok, I clearly need some wine and popcorn now. But you get the point. Which is: you rock!


Count me in as a BlogHus and proud of it. Thanks for saying such nice things about me. You might feel differently after you read my next post. It's a very angry diatribe against Elmo. Had to go polar opposite this time, gotta keep 'em guessing.

Grandma J

I'm in...if there aren't any age limitations like there are here at the compound.
I was feeling sad about all the cool people going to the big event that I didn't have a clue about. Some blogger spent two days talking about the shoes that she was bringing,(even posting pictures) and whether or not it would be hard to walk in them after the FREE drinks!
So sign me up!
Foolery, you are the best!

Big Hair Envy

OH! Pick Me! Pick Me! I want to be a Blog*Hus!! Pleeeeaaaassseee!

I'm pretty darn content as long as I get one comment per post. True story.


Count me in, Fool! I"ll email you the AARRRRR...


AARRRR, good morning mateys! Welcome aboard a ship with no rudder, with no destination, no sails, no captain, a motley crew, and nothing going for it but a damn fine bar. :)

Chris, all you need is a pulse -- no children necessary, no mammaries necessary, no blog necessary. If I can figure out an alternative name for guys -- I can understand why few guys would want to be BlogHussies (or few women either, for that matter) -- I will logoize it later. BlogHunks?

Kisses all,


Shamelessly Sassy

I have a pulse. :) I would be thrilled to be called a BLog Hussy.



But I'm a guy and I have no kids...

Mental P Mama

You know, you really are a very funny person. What is happening in October, and why am I so out of the loop?


Hmm...I'm not sure how I feel about an organization that would have me as a member (heh, I said member), but I'm game if you are.

Meanwhile, the event you so carefully didn't name looks like a big ego-fest to me, but maybe that's because I can't afford to go and wasn't invited, either. Oh, well - I'm not great with conventions, anyway.

Could we have a big barbecue instead?? I'll bring ribs...oh, and fresh squozed lemonade!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Ok, Where Was I?

So does this mean all of us hussies can hang out with you whenever this conference thing takes place? (I'm even more out of it b/c this is the closest thing I've read to any post having to do with said conference. And yes, I did hear in my head how poorly constructed that sentence was. I just left it anyway.) B/c for that I WILL pack and make reservations and then blog about how I'm packing/not packing and making reservations/not making reservations.

Alias Liz Jones

This is good. Nobody told me about a blogging thing.
I have a general gripe about blogging today. Where's all that ad sense money that I was promised?
Little does it matter if I go to Boston or not. If AdSense doesn't pay, how are we supposed to go a blogging or even a wassailing? or wassalin or whatever. Brilliant Swams,

Deb@Bird On A Wire

Aye Matey! You have hit the nail on the proverbial head and THANKS! I was beginning to think that I was the onlyest (yeah its my own word) blogger on the planet not to be participating in the great gathering. Now I have a place to hang my hat! Thankies!

Rick's Cafe

Like the dead link in your 3rd sentence....a nice, subtle way to let your readers know what you think of people who think they want to leave your postings :)!



I thought Beej's post was one of the best written on the subject in a long long time.

Granted, if I weren't such an incurable recluse with absolutely no desire whatsoever to socialize with my fellow human beings outside of my own home, I might be sligtly tempted to go to the Boston gaterhing in October. But, being that I am a member of the species homosapien reclusis, I shall not be attenting and I don't give a bloody blinkin hell if I never hear about it again.

To me, this entire thing is getting to be like Christmas carols being played in October. By the time Christmas finally rolls around at the end of December, I'm sick to death of hearing them and if I hear another refrain of Jingle Bells I'm liable to poke someone in the eye!

So, sign me up for Blog-Hus! I'm all over it. I'll be there. Well, only in spirit, but that's what counts!

Chesapeake Bay Woman


Shiver me timbers I would have thought for sure you'd be going to that conference (don't ask me why, I don't know why, perhaps because I thought it was some big To Do and you are a big To Do blogger in my opinion - I mean that in the best possible way).

I'm going to read up on it now and get educated. If that is possible.



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