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June 05, 2008


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Mkay, telling you how insanely funny you are has GOT to be getting old, no?

You are.


What a great post.


What a hoot! Thanks to CBW for directing me to your blog. Your story is priceless. Mooooore please.


It's all the heels' fault. If youda had on yer cowgirl boots, it all woulda went smoothe.

Soo funny! I'm trying to picture it, but I can't, somehow!


Mom Bomb, You do all 3 to move cows. I think you are a natural cowgirl! Just call you the Cow Whisperer :-)

Laurie, When did your dad get rid of the play cows and get German Shepherds?

The Mom Bomb

You just made me smile at the end of the day, right before I have to put the kiddos to bed. And that is well nigh impossible to do.

How DO you move cows? Push their butts? Pull em with a rope? Call em like a kitty -- here, cow cow cow!


Love the tidbits of conversation! LOL!


Sometimes I forget how thankful I am that I don't live close enough to get pulled in to "family" projects anymore. Love your dad's sense of humor!!

Cactus Petunia

That was so funny, I was snorting, laughing and crying all at the same time...I especially like the diagram. Pioneer Woman's got nothin' on you!

By the way, I tagged you. You're it.

Ok, Where Was I?

I love those snippets of the conversations going on. Snorts. I'm still picturing it now and laughing. Surely the passing motorist must have wondered about your choice of herding attire.


My dad, too, has this thing where he mumbles and we are supposed to read his mind. THen he just points and because the answer is SO OBVIOUS we are supposed to KNOW it instinctively...but we end up looking blankly and he gets mad. Ah, yes. Fathers.

But now he's famous. On your blog. I'm SO glad you wrote about it. PERFECT blog fodder. LOL Get it? Father/Fodder...hahahahahaaa I crack myself up...


This is incredibly funny -- especially the list of how it actually went. It makes me glad I don't take care of cows for a living. And jealous that you have stiletto mules, which I've always wanted. Even if they aren't good for herding cows. I hope they weren't made of satin.

Grandma J

Couldn't do it, nope. Maybe if I was on a ride-um lawnmower or some kind of motorized vehicle that kept me off the muddy ground. You are the woman!


I'm with CB Woman. This may be my favorite foolery post.
Smiles all day thanks to this, and you of course


Your afternoon made me think about how much I love sidewalks and concrete.

Yup. LOVE sidewalks!


Laughing my ass off!! This is hysterical!!


Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK, call me crazy--and you'd be correct--but this is my favorite foolery post ever. I laughed out loud prior to ingesting my usual pot of coffee, and that, my dear, takes a lot.

My favorite parts are the lists of how it should/did go, and the illustration. Priceless.

I just love this. Thank you for starting my day off just right.


Mental P MamaM

Oh my God is that funny. Kinda makes you long for that road trip, non? Well, at least this explains your Twitter silence yesterday!

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Perfect comedy. I can see it all...and can I say-SO glad I wasn't there. Dads...man they can be a pain....and funny too!

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