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June 08, 2008


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That's hysterical. Tentacles will take on a whole new meaning, now.

Mantel Man

I forgot about that guy ...

Knucklehead. He should have known that calamari consists largely of little rings of muscle that look nothing like testicles - more like something 'round the other side.

Either way, your dear readers would be wise to avoid them.


"...this one time, at band camp...."

Excellent story. I KNEW I was right in never ordering calamari!!


You're right - prom didn't stand a chance against this little incident.

Ok, Where Was I?

This is an awesome prom story. It's also an awesome testicles story. No small feat to wrap those into one story. I think there's a carnival there if you want to start it.

Grandma J

Thank God none of my prom dates could afford a restaurant that served anything with suction cups on it.


I can honestly say, from this day forward, I will never look at calamari without thinking of that story.

As far as I'm concerned though, I'm with Sam -- might as well eat testicles if you're venturing down the squid/octopus road. Yech.

Cheryl McCoy

and that, was my date to the prom....guess that makes me most likely to date men who cannot discern tentacles from testicles? not much difference, really.

thanks friend, i had almost forgotten. i could not have told that story any better myself.


Thank you! I needed that laugh. What a good prom memory!


I love calamari and I love them marinated not deep fried. I love this story as well. Too funny of what we did in our teen years.
Thanks for telling it in your usual hilarious way!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Oh yeah, this is quite the hilarious story. The only thing worse than testicles on a place would in fact be purple tentacles.

I may never order calamari again.

You're too funny.


OMG. I had to wait a good long time for the full-body laughter to subside long enough for me to type any comment at all. That is seriously the funniest prom story I've ever heard (though Chicken Lady came close). And I think you were all right: THAT was not calamari. Also, you are the only genius I know who could find a way to post a picture of an octopus market for a prom story! Just saying....that certainly makes you Most Likely to SOMETHING.

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