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May 11, 2008


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I adore this story! I've spent plenty of nights reading by the lights of candles that I made (no scent), in a building heated by a wood stove (I chopped the wood, too) that doubled as a cooking surface. I would do it again, as long as I had my books. Of course, it was fine because I could always leave if it got too rough and come back to power and twenty-four-hour everything.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Madame x

An accordian and a case of two buck chuck....

Everybody loves Saturday night....


What a treat you left me on my "Lost in Wally World Post"
thank you so much. It means so much to me, especially coming from you, one of my favorite bloggers!


These stories are amazing. You also have the great gift or knack of relating them to us. I so enjoy them.


What a great story. My grandmother's mother used to teach dancing classes for little girls, and my grandmother recalls Henry Ford (yes, THE Henry Ford, this was in Detroit) stopping by their house one evening as dancing class was winding down and dancing with her. At the time, she didn't know why this is significant. He was just a nice man dancing with a 7 year old.

Also, I remember waxing our wood floors with S.C.Johnson's paste wax from a tin when I was a girl. One step up from a candle, but still very labor intensive. And don't walk on those freshly-waxed floors in just your socks, or you'll fall over almost immediately.

PS Your new photo is very smiley.

Mental P Mama

They really were the good ol' days. You are so lucky to have this tradition of storytelling in your family. Wonderful!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

How incredibly fortunate you are for these stories from an earlier, simpler time. Who'd have thought candle wax would be put on the floor for a dance?

I like the new picture at the top!

Have a good week. I'm off to my day job. Sigh.

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