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March 25, 2008


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OH MY GOD. Too freakin' funny!

BTW, I use the "I told you that so I could tell you this" phrase in my own life a LOT. Hmmm.

Mental P Mama

Here via asthmagirl...and you are a riot! I am going to stop buying all that Tilex. I will never need another flu shot again! Who knew ol' Matt could be so helpful?


We have quite the "immunity boosting" household over here too - I'm trying to cut through a few layers (not all) of grime, but keep getting distracted by the gorgeousness of spring.


I haven't been in your house, so I can't swear to anything in a court of law. But I CAN tell you that I moved into a house with chocolate brown tile, PINK bathroom fixtures, and brown-and-tan striped wallpaper with pink flowers on it. So, my ugly stick might beat yours (though we are working on the renovations, it takes a while when the Bradys were the last owners).

As for grunge, try my solution: keep a small stiff bristle brush in the shower stall. Sometimes I use "cleaning the shower" as an excuse to stay in there for 5 extra minutes. That way, I can scrub often(ish) (liquid body wash works just fine on tile) without even thinking about it.

Also? You are so hilarious that who cares if your bathmats ought to be washed more often.


Thanks, Faux-baby. Coming from the owner of the world's cleanest shower, that means a LOT!


i am absolutely positive i've seen uglier showers and linoleum than what is at your present abode. . .and not that far away either.


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