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February 14, 2008


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Aww, my hero!

We do lots of crafts 'round here, but I homeschool so making Valentines for the whole class? Is a cinch! (Ducking glitter-glue projectile.) We made one, count 'em one, Valentine for Bird's daddy. Muahaha!

If you need to recover more, c'mon over for some cake later. What? It's only a million hour plane ride from there to here, right? The cake has a kitten on it...

And no owl pellets.


She's almost SEVEN, and this was the FIRST craft project I can remember doing with her. I DEFINE "slacker mom."

It was fun, but I way underestimated the time investment. And yes, I had a glass of wine going both nights.


Well, you just totally made ME feel like a slacker mom!

I went to target, picked up two boxes, and then two sets of treat things. I'm such a slacker.


Wow. You go for the gusto in everything, don't you? No simple red hearts out of posterboard with one sticker on them for you. Oh, no. You show us all up with 28-heart-glitter-glue-craft-n-stack valentine penguins. Impressive! I went for posterboard hearts for the toddler class, since I figure the under-two set doesn't know or care (yet, we had to bring valentines for ALL 36 OF THEM!!!). And the only other choice was Bratz valentines, and their ho-ish skirts seemed a little much for the under-twos. Son got Spiderman cards. I was originally planning on making ones with him. The store-bought cards that he had to tuck tatoos into was plenty of craft project for him. (Again, though, we were dealing with 32 kids, so I would have died rather than making something that took 1/2 hour per valentine.)

You're my hero for all that work.

Also, I think you need a drink. :)

Jessica K

Girl, when you decide to craft, you don't mess around! Want a tip? If you're making something for the whole class, KEEP IT SIMPLE!! We bought Spiderman valentines and storebought sugar cookie dough and icing. The only thing Grayson had to do was cut out heart cookies and decorate them with the icing. (Don't you love advice that comes after the fact?)
I'm proud of you for making them, though. And even though it was crazy, you'll be surprised how addictive crafting with your kids can be!


You're brought back some very vivid memories of both the puking in my bed and the last minute "mom has to stay up late to finish this school project". Thankfully, most of that is behind me now.
I assume you know about the 'drinking heavily' after party?

Daddy Fingerpoot

Yea, Yea, me too.

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