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January 29, 2008


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lacoste shoes

Happy are the families where the government of parents is the reign of affection, and obedience of the children the submission to love.Do you understand?


Auctioneers are definitely sexy.

Snorpht FingerPooched

Come on Jessie, lets go get 'Pooched'. We'll show the others how it's done!


Crap.... "weak" moment... not week


I tagged you. I had a week moment...

BrokeBack Lemmiwinks

Jeff, make that Heath Ledger autographed chaps.

jeff in Idaho

Mantle Man,

Please tell me you weren't wearing your Tom Cruise autographed Chaps when you typed "squeeze chute".

Sarah is Ok

mmmm....corndogs. You're so lucky. I can't wait to use this line somewhere:
"Your face is all girl, but your jeans tell me otherwise,"
and pretend that it's mine and that I'm that funny.


Mantel Man, I know what you meant to say, but you might want to rethink the analogy, pun intended. And also? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

By the way, happy birthday, MM.

Mantel Man

Ah yes - reminds me of us as kids, waiting in the car to leave on a family trip, when a salesman arrives to talk to Dad for "just a minute or two."

Your post made me hungry, by the way. It's been a while since a good corn dog passed through my squeeze chute.


This was a great read and reminded me of going to me one and only real rodeo ever (while visiting friends in Texas) which was way more fun than I ever would have thought.

And, as I learned this summer, State Fairs are pretty excellent places too. The things you don't learn growing up outside of Atlanta could fill a very large horse trough....


Yup, stepped in some, too! Not the taffy, by the way. No, I loved it, Hallie -- I just should have been there without children so I could relax. And a beer would have been nice.


Thank God you got taffy - otherwise the day would have been a complete bust!

Did you see any "bull" shit? :)



Dad bought a bull two years ago, and he's gone seriously looking over the years, but he doesn't need one, so NO, no bull.

And a squeeze chute is like a steel cage that immobilizes a large animal so you can perform nasty experiments on it. Kidding -- it's for veterinary or herd-checking operations. It gently squeezes the animal and keeps it from moving and from falling down in the chute while you perform nasty experiments on it. There, aren't you THRILLED to know that?!

The Mom Bomb

I'm dying to know: Did your Dad buy a bull? That one in the photos looks like a serious stud. And do tell: what are squeeze chutes? Being from Auburn, you'd think I'd know this stuff.


Oh my.

I really, I mean, oh my. I have a friend who used to do advertising/design for a 'cow magazine' out of Ft.Worth, and going to the stockyards, well that's an experience. Though, if you've ever been there, or plan on going, find Joe T. Garcia's so that you can have good Mexican food. Thats about the only thing I'd recommend about that part of my experiences there. Once they had a cows being herded through downtown Dallas.. does that happen there too? This is why I live in Virginia now. Yup.

Snorpht said 'Pooched' not 'Poached'

Aue contrar mon ami Jess.

'Pooched Package' connotates nothing but Hotness.

Jessica Keith

Sounds like a fun day. I love people watching. That's one reason I have so much trouble in church and theatres. I can't stop watching and analyzing the people in the crowd.
Your description of the tv lady is hilarious. I think I've seen her at our mall on a Friday night. :)
And why would a "pooched package" make Snorpht think of me? I think I'm offended.

Snorpht CowboyPoot

Mmmmmm Pooched Package.
Now you got me thinking about Jessie again. Yum. Come on baby, lets hit the Squeeze Chutes together.

O, and Eat Me!


You lead such an exciting life! Thank you for not using the flash around the bulls. Thank you for the fascinating description of the little ladies package. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep nights!

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