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January 14, 2008


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Snorpht of E. Mesa

Hey, back to the TaTas' PAgent.........

Mantel Man

Hey! I did an internet search for the Chinese model and found everything BUT the car - not surprising, since Wang is such a common name in China. It would be like naming an American car the . . . Johnson.

Ang in TX

you are just too much... Here's the country slogo: "Drive your Bulls wang makes your cows ta-ta swell...No Nano-dom needed."


Only on the Nevada options package.

jeff in Idaho

Shouldn't this thing have a pastie on top?


Oh, you're GOOD.


Yes, but does it have a rack?


oh yes. You'd be disappointed if we let this fat fastball go by without a healthy whack at it.
You totally spoon fed this one ;)


Oh, I pretty much asked for it, didn't I?


Man if China gets its wang in before India gets its ta ta's in it could be a marketing coo!

You'd have to let go of your wang before you could grab the ta ta's


Sorry couldn't resist.

Rick's Cafe

Is that a bra on your TaTa, or just a really big bumper?
How about a picture of your TaTas without a bra!!

Snorpht Peek-a pOOts

Ahem.... Skuze me, but as the producer and promoter of this extravaganza, I though I was to be the judge of chilled, damp pulchritudinous mellons to be displayed. And as judge, I say, "no slackers here dear, just pick a nice tight T-Shirt Laurie, and no writing in the front now.


That sounds surprisingly highbrow for a site with such lowbrow objectives, dontcha think, Poots? Not sure I'm classy enough for a wet t-shirt contest (and I KNOW I'm not endowed enough).

Nice try, though, dude -- points for creativity.

Wet T-Shirts FingerPoot

TaTa's? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Seems the only TaTa's we've seen around here are Jessies' (sweeeeeet).

Thats a little sparse, doncha think? For all the ChickiePoos round here, ya'll could do better, ya think?

Soooooooooooo, I hearby institute


So, lets go girlz, let get some shots of your mammalian protuberances posted here peeking out from behind a nicely soaked T-Shirt (cold water).

Prizes for the top 5 winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I heard all about it this morning. I'm not sure that my left thigh would fit in that, but good for them.. you know for.. thinking of a nifty name! LOL

People in San Fran would buy it... but that's the only place I can think of where the people have 'go green' bumper stickers labeled on their Escalade and Excursions.


I think woman in Hollywood get IMPLANTS bigger than this car!!


The Mom Bomb

It's going to be HUGE . . . in India. Now their growing middle class (like the Chinese middle class) can buy cars and drive . . . and pollute. Let's sick Al Gore on THEM.

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