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January 10, 2008


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Cactus Petunia

Listen, this is really a lot more common than you think. I totally share your shame, only I think I've got you beat, time wise ...mine's been up there for 17 years.
I promise I'll post a picture tomorrow.


Dude, I totally have a stove pipe sticking through my ceiling where a wood stove used to be, too! And it is covered with a plastic bag, duct tape, and numerous coats of white paint. I don't know why you're so embarrassed. That shit's high class!


ohhh nooo ! I can just imagine your horror!

The Mom Bomb

I totally relate to the plastic shopping bag thing. Sometimes you leave something so long, it just becomes part of the landscape -- like the long deflated kiddie pool that's under the swingset in the backyard. I think it's now a home for squirrels. Our neighbors hate us.

Fook Martha. She'd just have one of her minions do the work for her.


Yeah, but it's silver, and besides, we don't have any.


Not to be insulting but everybody knows you're supposed to use duct tape!



Ok, none of this story mattered to me once I fixated on that damn spider web. I hate spiders that much that webs freak me the F out. I spent 10 minutes looking at the picture wondering if it was a web or a crack....then I scrolled down and read the rest of the blog.

Never claimed to be a rocket scientist!


Jessica K

Are you kidding me? Have you really had a plastic shopping bag over that hole for a year and a half? If only you had known how easy it would be to REALLY repair it with plastic packaging. Boy, I bet you feel silly now. ;)
If it makes you feel better, my pool is green because we don't have a cover for it and can't afford chlorine at the moment. Maybe I should cover it with some plastic bags...

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