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December 11, 2007


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Vodka and pencil shavings was a hoot. Trust Ree to come up with something like that. This is a fun post. We were on our way to the Boy Scout tree lot when we saw a new lot on the side of the road. Probably saved 25 dollars by buying it from someone not in a scout uniform. I guess I'll have to buy more cookies this year. Darn!

Snorpht DeNiroPoot

Go fer it MM. Just don't scratch yer pine cones.

Are you talkin to me?
Are you talkin to ME?
Are YOU talkin to me?
Are you TALKIN to me?

probably not............

Mantel Man

Oh, here's another doozie:

"I never thought it was such a bad little tree. Maybe it just needs a little love."

Mantel Man

"Making all manner of donkey noises" ?!

"With a tree sticking out of our rear end" ?!!

Thanks for THAT imagery, sis. Now, when I drive all the way up from Phoenix for the holiday, I really don't have any reason to continue past Bakersfield.

Jessica K

This is our first year in a LONG time not to have a live tree. I have to say it made me pretty happy not to have to take the whole clan tromping around a tree lot. (Also kinda happy cause I got my pre-lit tree for 90% off after last Christmas!)


You live!!!!! Yeah! I mised your wittiness!!


And before Poots rolls on out........

Farm out. Didn't know they had trees up there anymore. Thought environmentalists deemed them too dangerous for the Nearsited SapWarbler as their eyesite is bad and they keep fallin outta trees and crackin their little freekin endangered skulls. O and btw.............. eat me!

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